Lost in Burnham Park, Baguio City

Burnham Park is a combination of many things, but the heart of this Baguio tourist attraction is the water world. Paddle to your heart’s content and choose from the variety of boats at the lagoon (or is it properly called a man-made lake?)

If these lines are familiar, it’s because we’ve said it before. See Baguio Trip 2008: Travel Log, Tourist Spots and Shots.

Burnham Park, which is the main park at the heart of Baguio City, is named after the American architect who made the original blueprint of the city.

Anyway, there’s plenty of finger foods being sold around, like boiled corn, peanuts, etc. There are also restaurants within the park (Solibao Restaurant) or the surrounding areas (Rose Bowl Garden, which serves great food). The surrounding areas also contain the ukay-ukay. Burnham Park is near Session Road, the main road within the Baguio City. It’s right under the nose of SM City Baguio, now on the hot seat because of the pine trees issue.

Burnham Park is a must-see the first time you go to Baguio. It may not be as exciting the next time around, although with the size of this place, there’s bound to be something nice to discover each time you come back.

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