Just Keep on Walking: Philippine Travel Stories

Just keep on walking. We often encounter this line, made more recognizable by that whiskey brand. Brad Pitt’s character in World War Z perfectly explains why there’s a need to keep on walking — “movement is life.” And in a world where no man is an island, or in the avalanche of complicated status in social media, the message in Last of the Mohicans still rings clearly in our ears: “You’re strong! You survive! You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you! No matter how long it takes, no matter how far. I will find you.”

So, never give up. Just keep on walking. Forward. Move forward. As always, we usually encounter a single VisitPinas-tagged photo that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together. For this post, it’s this photo:

Mt. Ulap, Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet

Blend or stand out? That’s the question of Gen Santiago Zotomayor (check her Instagram account, @gensantiago, for more photos) in this photo at Mt. Ulap. There’s no right or wrong answer, we suppose, but regardless of one’s preference, it’s always about moving forward.

Nagsasa Cove, Pundaquit, Zambales

The problem with daydreaming, some say, is that it exists entirely in the imagination and nothing happens in real life. Not necessarily true. If you dream of something, and put your heart into it, it might just become reality. As Travels (check her Instagram account, @biyahenirose, for more photos) said, “Keep on dreaming, girl. You’ll get there.” We couldn’t agree more. You go, girl!

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

On moving forward and looking at things from a different perspective, here’s a nice quote from our favorite priest-photographer, Fr. Jboy Gonzales, SJ (check his Instagram account, @jboygonzalessj, for more photos), “I thought everyone wants to see the Chocolate Hills from above; on the contrary, I want to see them from below.”

Balabac, Palawan

There are many reasons why we hesitate moving forward. It can be because of fear. Or our aversion to stepping out of our comfort zones. We’re not built that way, of course.

Key (check her Instagram account, @ikeydy, for more photos) has this caption in her photo, below: “The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.”

Her caption reminds us of this quote: “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”

Siargao Island, Surigao

When moving forward, it’s inevitable to encounter people of different persuasions, of different idiosyncrasies. You can’t please everyone. In those times when you are judged unfairly, including in the looks department, it’s a good idea to keep in mind this caption of Ness Fern Pal‘s (check her Instagram account, @yourhigh.ness) photo in Siargao Island:

“I am too wide to be in your narrow mind.”

Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2

“Work. Save. Travel.” That’s the caption of Sam Lague‘s (check her Instagram account, @doktoralakwatsera_) photo, taking a walk at the newly-opened Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2.

Traveling can be a bit expensive, but it’s not entirely useless, especially if it’s part of the constellation of expenses one works hard to save for. A study claims that travel and vacation help us live longer. Some claim, for good reason, that the secret to happiness is spending money on experiences (like travel), not things.

We are going to update this post, so tag us with your “walking” photos.

[Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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