Jose Rizal Birthplace (Calamba, Laguna)

It’s ironic that in the countless times I’ve been to the Calamba municipal hall, just beside Jose Rizal’s place of birth, I never dropped by. Maybe because it’s weird for a grown-up to visit a place that should have been toured while in elementary or high school.

According to the marker at the front wall of the structure, this is a replica of Rizal’s birthplace, which was inaugurated in 1950 after ordered constructed by President Elpidio Quirino, using funds mainly contributed by Philippine schoolchildren. There are interesting information you could pick up as you go from one room to another and from one floor to another. The most surprising information I discovered? You can’t take pictures inside the house.

When I visited the place this week, and this blog was my convenient reason for it, there were at least 10 buses full of elementary schoolchildren packing the birthplace of the Philippine National Hero. I’m glad at the sight of schoolchildren touring the place, which is something I never had the chance to do while in grade or high school. Studying the life of the national hero is only proper. Seeing how they grew up makes us realize how their life is pretty much like ours, and, ahem, how great things come from small beginnings.

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