It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Getting upstairs is more fun in the Philippines, through the scenic view and cool atmosphere of the Banaue Rice Terraces. Commuting is more fun in the Philippines, through the clean and crystal-clear waters of Palawan. Even status updates are more fun, with underwater photos of you diving after a huge whale shark in Donsol.

These fun activities comprise the tip of the iceberg (yes, we don’t have icebergs in the Philippines, but there’s little fun in evading icebergs) in the latest ad campaign of the Department of Tourism (DoT). The campaign, simply called It’s More Fun in the Philippines, comes with a separate website and launched last week.


Just to be clear, to avoid any allegation of copyright infringement, all photos and logo of the It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign are courtesy of the DoT or the appropriate group handling the campaign. Whether this attribution is necessary is beside the point. It’s only proper to do so. Maybe the same thing applies in acknowledging that Switzerland had the same slogan in 1951: It’s more fun in Switzerland.

Some say the lack of originality is a mistake and the payment to the advertising agency who came up with the slogan is a waste of money. Maybe. Some say, as we’ve previously noted, that it’s a tall order to surpass the highly catchy “WOW Philippines” campaign of the past. However, whatever is said about the originality of the slogan, it can never be said that it’s not more fun in the Philippines.

It is indeed more fun in the Philippines. Besides, the beauty of the slogan is its simplicity. Anyone could easily tweak it to highlight his/her fun experience in the Philippines. Here’s our modest attempt at it (photo culled from the Chocolate Hills article here in VisitPinas).

So, revisit your photos and look for something really interesting. Think of a term that best describes the photo and why it’s fun. Paste the label on the photo. Then share it with the world. Try it.

Update: 102 votes were cast as of 19 January 2012. A total of 87 are were in favor of the campaign (61 Votes for “Yes, I like it” and 26 for “Yes, but is there something better?”) while only 15 votes were against the campaign (10 for “No, there must be something better” and 5 for “Absolutely Not”). You can still express your opinion through the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!”

  1. Totally agree. Let’s stop bickering about the slogan being this and being that. It works. Let’s do our share in promoting the Philippines. Go.

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