Island Cool at Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Restaurant, Boracay Island

Fruit shake. You’ll find it almost anywhere, even in your friendly neighborhood food center. In the world-famous island of Boracay, you’ll find it in almost every restaurant. But what’s so special with this particular fruit shake, served in this small restaurant beside the white-sand beach of Boracay?

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By design or sheer lack of interest, there are no huge, colorful billboards or signages that shout to the world that Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Restaurant exists in Boracay’s Station 1. There are three amazing things that we’ve realized in our search for Jonah’s. And by search, we mean the long walk from Station 3 to Station 1 (we’ll get back to those “stations” in a while).

First, we’ve come to search for Jonah’s because we’ve heard about it. The continued patronage of this little, quiet restaurant seems to be due to word of mouth. Really, search for the “best fruit shake in Boracay” and you’ll hit a website or blog writeup about the original Jonah’s fruit shakes.

Sure, the slogan of Jonah’s proclaims that it’s The Best Fruit Shake in the Island, obviously an ingenious ploy to lure search engines — were it not for the apparent truth in that assertion (we’ve included the delivery number of Jonah’s in that photo, as a way to help this fruit shake haven expand its reach, in Boracay, that is).

The second thing we found amazing — we asked the locals, from the vendors to tourist police officers (thank you, officers, for the high professionalism and dedication you’ve poured into your job), and they readily pointed to the right direction. They know where this fruit shake oasis is located. And they pointed without any look of disapproval, like “why are you going to that crappy place?”. That’s another good sign. Good written reviews from outsiders and approval of locals. If only we could find where it is.

Third, and this is evident from the photo below, it’s easy to miss Jonah’s even if you’re standing in front of this food shop.

So, from Station 3, we were told to proceed to Station 1, particularly Balabag, naturally passing through Station 2. We know Station 1, but not Balabag, so we stopped and asked for directions (don’t need any map, we thought). It’s before Willy’s, we were told, and just keep on walking towards the direction of Station 1. It’s far from helpful being told that if we’ve reached Willy’s, we’ve gone past Jonah’s.

The most helpful instruction? Just look for the grotto. It’s there. You won’t miss the grotto. It’s that piece of gray rock that sticks out of the powder-white sand near the shoreline. The grotto, where the Virgin Mary is safely tucked in, is an iconic spot in Boracay.

In front of the grotto, near Estacio Uno Boracay Resort and Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort, awaits Jonah’s Fruit Shake.

So, after around 30 minutes of walking, after going through the island-tanned sea of bikini-clad humanity, after sinking our feet on the entire stretch of powder-white  beach of Boracay, is Jonah’s really worth it?

To answer this life-changing cuisine question, we called on an expert, well, sort of: Amiel. It’s probably a good idea to feature guest reviews from time to time. We’ve summoned Mr. Amiel Jandy Angelo all the way from the land of milk and honey, and he came home to the Philippines solely for this purpose (well, sort of). What does he have to say?

The smile shows it.

The bestseller, we were told, is the Avocado-Mango fruit shake. The group also ordered Mango and Mango-Banana varieties, just a few of the 50 or so flavors, for comparison. The verdict? Great + brain freeze.

They say food is part taste, part perception/ambiance. Something good, like Jonah’s, will taste extraordinary in the right setting. A cold, smooth, sweet fruit shake blends perfectly with the fine sand, salty breeze and sun-soaked island like Boracay. And it’s consumed in Boracay, one of the best beaches in the world. That’s why Jonah’s tastes great [but please don’t believe us, try it and tell us what you think].

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