Isdaan Restaurant (Gerona, Tarlac)

4 thoughts on “Isdaan Restaurant (Gerona, Tarlac)”

  1. We left Baguio without having lunch on May 7 so we can stop and dine at the widely talked about Isdaan Restaurant. We ended up with the most frustrating dining (actually non-dining)experience. We arrived around 11:30am. After a few minutes wondering where we could sit, a girl with a two-way radio ushered us into a hut, gave us the menu and left. We didn’t see her again for the next twenty minutes. Terribly hungry with no one taking our orders, we kept waving to waiters and waitresses to come to our table. We were conveniently ignored. After waiting for almost half an hour for anyone to attend to ur customers. Since there was no sign that anybody is interested to serve us, I approached a group of resto personnel seated infront of the Tacsiapo wall. One of them is a cashier. I asked them why we were not being attended to, why our requests for a waiter is ignored. The only reaction we got is, “Saan ba kayo nakaupo?” Of course they knew where we were seated.These fellows didn’t call a waiter; they didn’t even apologize.

    I’d like to come back to Isdaan one more time – to crush some plates on the Tacsiapo wall if they could write the words, Isdaan Personnel” on that wall.

  2. We went to isdaan last May 16, 2013 to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We arrived there at 11AM, we were approached by a waitress and showed the hut were we sit. Then a waiter gave some menu lists and left. After 15minutes he came back and gave our orders. I asked the pot of rice how many person can eat? he said 2-3 heads. since we are 7 i asked him give us 2 pots. We the rice pots arrived i was surprised they were so small like children’s toy. And when you open it its not even full, even 1 person can consumed the whole pot specially men! I was wondering why they did not used regular size pots like in our homes? so u can just order 1 pot. as for the price i pot is 105 pesos if you are really hunger 1 pot will be enough. I decided to order another pot since the 2 are not enough, the waiter left after 30minutes did not come back, i approached the other waitress and she said yes sir ill tell them, another 15minutes no one came, then i called another waiter to get the rice, he ran and after 5 minutes he came back with the rice. I dont know if they are giving proper training to their waiter/waitress. why the cant give us a pot of rice immediately?

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