Fine Food and Tacsiyapo at Isdaan Restaurant (Gerona, Tarlac)

Eat anything edible. This is probably one of the tips taught in the Subic jungle survival course. It’s not that I need to go through a course like that. I can eat almost anything. Well, except many vegetables. Basically carnivorous. Still, regardless of the cuisine we prefer, it would be nice to enjoy good food in a place basking in good ambiance. Just like in the Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac.

These are the reasons why I appreciate the Isdaan Restaurant, located in Gerona, Tarlac — a perfect spot midway to Baguio from Metro Manila, not so much in distance, but in terms of, how do I say it, level of starvation? Isdaan is a big place and this floating restaurant is just beside the road (at the left side if you’re going towards the direction of Baguio), so you won’t probably miss it. You’ll see the big Isdaan signage, as well as the big, brown fox, er, fish sculptures and Mayan-inspired statues.

Choose the single cottages in the middle of the floating restaurant, as it gives you precious space from the rest of the crowd and a great view of the plentiful fish swimming below. It’s after all a floating restaurant and there’s water under and around the cottage where you’re sitting down. You could ask for fish food and feed the fish while waiting for the food you’ve ordered. A welcome diversion for the kids.

Visit the Tacsiyapo wall (some spell it tacsiapo), to let off steam and release stress. The projectiles come in different shapes and sizes. There are plates, cups, or even TVs that could be thrown against the wall. Try throwing a ref if you could lift it. Shouting “tacsiyapo” (which, I was told, is a local expletive) while throwing the items against the wall is supposed to make you feel better. I wouldn’t know. I didn’t try it. I’d rather use the money to buy extra rice. By the way, the fish food is free, but the plates and TV are not.

There are freebies, one kilo of fish to be exact, although we haven’t tried it because: (a) we don’t want the car to smell like a one-kilo bag of fish in the 3-hour drive back to Manila; (b) you win the prize after going through, among other obstacles, a very narrow walkway framed by fishponds on both sides and we prefer going home dry; and (c) only once did we stop at Isdaan while the sun was still up, mostly it’s night time on the way back to Manila, and it’s naturally more difficult to navigate through the obstacles when it’s dark. We heard some have tried the Isang Kilong Isda challenge and if you’re one of them, do tell us what happened through the comment section below.

Now, let’s get back to the food. We had pork spare ribs, sinigang na hipon sa buho (cooked in bamboo) and innapoy (stuffed native rice rolls, which looks pretty much like the regular suman, except that the innapoy is a complete meal by itself). The pansit canton tastes good. There are more choices in the menu, but these are the ones we usually order every time we drop by Isdaan. That’s enough food to last you until Baguio (or Metro Manila, depending on which direction you’re going).

Isdaan is like an oasis that beckons to the hungry traveler to take a break from the long drive and enjoy good food. Or perhaps pose for a photograph with Erap. Don’t worry about the stiff guard at the entrance because he’s always asleep and he’s, well, a statue, fitting welcome for guests who go in stiff and cramped after a long drive. Enjoy!

63 thoughts on “Fine Food and Tacsiyapo at Isdaan Restaurant (Gerona, Tarlac)”

  1. hi there…. question ln po… is it true dt b4 we can get there we have to ask for a reservation? my aunty wants to go there. or even no reservation we can go there by walk in???

    thank you very much hope u can reply asap…


    1. Hi Maricris, we in VisitPinas are not connected with the restaurant, but we usually visit it on the way to or from Baguio. We simply drop by the place, just like any regular restaurant. No need for reservation. Good luck and enjoy the Philippines.

  2. so nice place .kht s picture q plang nkita.hope i can go there too….
    gagawa aq ng praan pra mkpunta jan…..see you at the isdaan….

  3. This is a great restaurant, last year as we were on our way to Baguio, we stopped by here to have lunch. Great food indeed! What sucks is to see our vehicle with a smashed up window on the passenger side with our belongings stolen. Great resteaurant with no security, but hey, they have a manong parking attendant always ready to tell you that he didn’t see or heard anything. For those of you planning to drop by here, I suggest you have an extra companion to watch over your vehicle while you eat. Don’t ruin your vacation by trusting their lame security & their ill response how unfortunate it is that it happened to you. A friend of mine made the same mistake stopping by at this restaurant just last week suffering the same fate I did. Just for the record, a local carinderia can offer the same foods as this restaurant can provide, at less the price but with more security for your belongings than this restaurant could give you. Give this restaurant a try, just please have someone unfortunate enough to guard your vehicle while you enjoy your food & let that person eat while you take the turn of guarding your vehicle.

  4. Isdaan Floating Restaurant is huge place, a lots of gigantic statues. Tascyapo wall to spread out your anger. But I disappointed the the quality of food they serve, too oily and their is a special additional fly or langaw on it. Food is not worth for the price. Only “Great Place” I can say, but for food “your losing your appetite”. Please If u would like to go at Isdaan Gerona, Tarlac think twice. Thanks

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