Inipit de Leche (Bulacan) and Pastel (Camiguin)

In every place you go in the Philippines, there’s bound to be a food specialty closely associated with that place. Otap and lechon of Cebu. Durian of Davao. Piyaya of Iloilo. Buko Pie on the way from Tagaytay. Binagol and moron from Tacloban. Ube jam from Baguio. Balut of Pateros. The list is endless. These food and delicacies immediately jump off your taste buds when those places are mentioned.

When you say Malolos, Bulacan, what comes to your mind, er, taste buds? There could be many, but at least for me, I always make it a point to drop by Eurobake to buy Inipit. Eurobake has other baked goods to offer. For instance, their sign says “Old Fashioned Ensaymada Malolos”, shown here almost totally consumed.

The Inpit de Leche, however, is an entirely different story. It’s delicious, which is just my opinion. Next time you pass by Malolos, drop by Eurobake. Take the Tabang exit if you’re driving through the NLE from Manila. After paying at the toll both, turn right, then you’ll see Eurobake in just a few meters. Grab a pack of Inipit, then tell me if I’m wrong.

It may be difficult to see why Inipit and Pastel are in the same post, considering that Malolos, Bulacan (hometown of Inipit) is in the northern part of the Philippines, while Camiguin (hometown of Pastel) is at the southern tip. The reason why I lumped Inipit and Pastel (filled bun) together is simple — they’d kill me sooner (but, of course, won’t happen if taken in moderation).

The first time my blood sugar (fortunately, it didn’t resulted to diabetes) exceeded the limit was after I consumed too much Pastel. There are a number of flavors (durian, ube and mongo), but my favorites are the classic and langka (jackfruit) flavors.

On a work-related trip to Cagayan de Oro City (CDO), we bought “some” pastel at the airport (the photo is courtesy of the DOST website, where you could read more about this delicacy). You could buy VJANDEP Pastel at CDO, where it has a branch, with the main branch at Camiguin, more famous for its lanzones. I consumed one box of pastel while waiting at the CDO airport lounge. I consumed another pack while driving from the Manila domestic airport to our home. Then I consumed another pack at home. I have a sweet tooth, I must admit, and the pastel was just irresistible. One day of heaven, which resulted to one month of diet, doctor-prescribed meds and exercise. It’s all worth it, though.

10 thoughts on “Inipit de Leche (Bulacan) and Pastel (Camiguin)”

  1. saan kaya ako makakabili nito dito lang sa loob ng quezon city..wala kasi ako mahanap eh..thanks..

  2. @ Jordan, which one are you referring to? The inipit or the pastel? Anyway, I haven’t seen any here in Quezon City (or the entire Metro Manila for that matter). I see the Pastel in airports (CDO, Cebu, Bohol, etc., but not in Manila though). Anyone who knows the answer is encouraged to please let us know. Thanks.

  3. there are Eurobake stalls in SM Makati and MOA during weekends. I know there’s one in Glorietta too.

    I love the pastel šŸ™‚

  4. Good day!
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    Thank you so much.

  5. however maganda at masarap ang inipit. dito sa eurobake kami nag field trip noong oct. 7, 2011.kaso lang mahal kaunti :p

  6. may mga pastel sa enlin’s quirino highway novaliches, sa may mindanao ave n quirino hiway intersection near brgy sauyo, masarap ang pastel nila 13 pesos each, thank me later šŸ™‚

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