Hideaway at the South Drive Manor

Summer or Christmas, for business or pleasure, during peak or off-peak seasons, tourists flock to Baguio City. Different accommodations await different folks. For those who seek a mid-range place that lies serenely amidst pine trees, in the quiet borders of Camp John Hay, there’s the South Drive Manor.

If advanced booking is done (and if budget permits), the choice would be The Manor, with its relative seclusion, excellent service, great view, nice location and uber tranquility.

Not all of us could make it to The Manor all the time for one reason or another. An excellent alternative when that happens is the South Drive Manor.

The South Drive Manor is located way back from the hustle and bustle of downtown Baguio, which means considerably less people and vehicles pass through here. The South Drive Manor is quietly tucked between Camp John Hay and the Teachers’ Camp.

Yet we cannot have it all at the South Drive Manor. The rooms facing the Teachers’ Camp, with a splendid view of the pine trees and the mountains, also faces the road, and the sound of cars/motorcycles by especially during the wee hours of the morning could be disconcerting to some. Not a problem if you’re the type of person who sleeps with the cable TV on. Get the rooms at the other side of the aisle and you lose the view.

Location/address: 34 Paterno Street, South Drive, Baguio City, Philippines (see map and directions on how to get there).

We’ve read a number of reviews, good and bad, about this hotel. Someone said there’s no free coffee, although they have free instant coffee in the room, with a free refill paid coffee at the lobby. Someone said something about cockroaches, but fortunately we didn’t find any. Someone said that there’s no manager, but maybe we were just fortunate that someone is always at the lobby counter.

You can bring food and request to dine at the lobby, with tables of different sizes to fit different group sizes.

To wrap it all up, maybe it’s a matter of expectations. If you want service galore, go to The Manor. If you’re still confused up to this point, The South Drive Manor is a good alternative — but not the same — as The Manor.

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