Hen Lin: Dimsum, Siopao, Noodles & Toppings

Siomai. Looking at the signage, I’m wondering where is the pork siomai that I always order when I’m in the vicinity of Hen Lin? The signage shouts dimsum, siopao, noodles and toppings. Siomai is a dimsum, yes, but it should have a special mention. Hush, you say, but I have a legitimate reason for insisting.

It’s gratifying to see Hen Lin in this high rise. We’ve enjoyed it in MRTs and malls. Now it’s in a high rise in Makati. That was *blip* years ago, which makes me think Hen Lin has gone a long way.

Siomai is the reason why I like Hen Lin. This time, just to expand our boundaries, we tried siopao and beef wanton noodles.

Siopao and noodles here are respectable, good under the context of a fast food franchise. Just don’t start comparing the siopao with Ma Mon Luk or the wanton noodles with Causeway or North Park. That would be unfair. It would be like comparing yours truly to, say, Dingdong Dantes.

But the pork siomai, man, it could hold its own against challengers. Get some soy sauce, with kalamansi and the chili sauce. Dip the siomai. Take a bite or stuff the entire siomai in your mouth. Culinary beauty.

Siopao literally means steamed bun or hot bun (and correct me if I’m wrong). Ok, that’s how far I can go. I was thinking that the “sio” in siopao is somehow related to “sio” in siomai. I’m not the kind of person that easily gives up. This time, though, I’d rather spend my energy chewing siomai rather than figuring out what it means.

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