Halo-Halo of Aristocrat Restaurant

It has been weeks since summer officially descended on Philippine shores, the temperature degrees higher than normal. It’s hot. And we all know that’s an understatement. It’s more like scorching hot. And yet we love it. We really don’t know why we love the heat in some respects. Maybe we (uhm, they) need an excuse to show off our (ok, their) toned bodies. Or maybe we need an excuse to order our favorite summer cooler, the halo-halo.

We’ve featured some halo-halo varieties. There’s the bestseller at Icebergs, the unexpected Filipino favorite at Annabel’s, the after-butanding favorite at Kawnkita, and, of course, our favorite, Razon’s. We’re going to feature more, especially as the summer season deepens. First stop, the halo-halo of Aristocrat Restaurant.

The Aristocrat Restaurant is more famous for other menu items, like our (other) favorite barbecue and it’s rather surprising that we are featuring the halo-halo ahead of the usual culinary suspects. We bet you have your own favorite (use the comment section below to tell everyone why it’s your favorite). But the Aristocrat halo-halo, or shall we say halo-halo of Aristocrat to avoid any misinterpretation, deserves a special place in our travel blog.

The Aristocrat halo-halo features the standard ube ice cream on top, with the ice separating it from the other ingredients. We initially though, “hey, there’s no milk,” then realized that there’s a little glass of milk that came with the order. Ahh, the guest is supposed to pour in enough milk, depending on his/her sweetness meter (although we feel that it’s almost always bottoms up). The ice is coarse, in fact more coarse than that of Chow King, which brings the Aristocrat halo-halo at the other end of the halo-halo ice spectrum, opposite Razon’s. It has the usual main ingredients — beans, jelly, jackfruit, banana, etc — but less crowded than that of Chow Kings. Put them all together and what do you get? Heavenly halo-halo goodness. Try it.

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