Great Food at Annabel’s (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)

Along Tomas Morato Avenue, a popular food and entertainment venue in Quezon City, is an old flower shop. It doesn’t look much from outside. No fancy structures, just the name Annabel’s and an abundance of foliage that, for the uninitiated, hesitates to reveal a secret, spectacular beauty. It’s a popular place for meetings, press events, birthdays, weddings and special occasions. But you know we’re not going to talk about flowers and occasions, as betrayed by the title of this post. We’ll be reminiscing about great food at Annabel’s.

We’ve visited Annabel’s a couple of times, although never getting the chance to try its famous buffet setup. We don’t know if there’s a schedule for the buffet. When we go there, we don’t see any buffet and we ordinarily order from the menu. Tender and delicious lengua and kare-kare. Old-style corned beef. Paella Valenciana. Callos andaluz. The list goes on. Tastes great every time.

Sometimes we get what we seek whenever we least expects it. I would have exiled this cliche to the frustrated soothsayers folder, but then something surprising happened a couple of weekends ago. No, it’s not winning the P300M-plus lotto jackpot, though that would have been plenty amazing. It’s not even a free buffet at Annabel’s. We got the next best thing.

The next best thing to a free buffet at Annabel’s? It’s the buffet.

But we never thought of the buffet one fine Sunday evening, when we were going through the dinner options for some guests. Malls were out of the choices so the Tomas Morato-Timog Avenue area is the obvious venue. Whether thereā€™s a good restaurant or food joint is no longer the issue when visiting that area. The more problematic question, if we may consider it a problem, is selecting from the profusion of restaurants in this area. Picking out Annabel’s came easy.

We came early so the table was not a problem even if we had no reservation. Lo and behold, buffet was set. Sure, there are a lot more culinary choices in other restaurants, notably Spiral (Sofitel, formerly Westin Philippine Plaza) and Seven Corners (Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas), but Annabel’s is conveniently near and, more importantly, my personal favorites were on deck at that time.

Prime beef rib. Crunchy, deep-fried liempo (pork belly), with crispy skin a la chicharon. Baked oysters. California maki. Halo-halo and minatamis na saging (sweetened banana). I had only one regret — I was so stuffed I could no longer try the rest of the buffet choices. A lot more choices.

How to get there? Just look for this address: 194 Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Delgado Street, Quezon City.

We took time to describe each food item in other articles, but not here. The food tastes great in Annabel’s, except that we cannot find a singular item, or even a few, which we can focus on and describe here. If we choose to write descriptions, then this article would be insufficient because it seems everything in Annabel’s taste great. (We’d appreciate if you could help and give us a description of your particular favorite in Annabel’s. Please use the comment section below.)

6 thoughts on “Great Food at Annabel’s (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)”

  1. Come to think of it, I’ve never stepped in Annabels yet! I should try it! How much was the buffet?

    1. Hi, better try Annabel’s buffet, their food selection is really great!!! Proven!!! it’s only 895.+ / pax…. worth it!
      The ambience, wow it’s perfect!

  2. Thank you for your nice review, we found out about this review from a friend…
    For Info: To all your followers/subscribers
    Annabel’s have ongoing promo for only P695.00 everybody can avail the sumptuous buffet we offer…Just call or email us if you’re interested we’re very much willing to discuss/send details of the promo…
    Thank you.

  3. Hi! I would like to ask if the buffet is still on going? and if yes at what time does buffet dinner starts and ends? thanks šŸ™‚

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