Grace and Power in Sepak Takraw

This sport is a combination of the Malay word “sepak” (kick) and the Thai word “takraw” (ball, made of rattan or plastic). That’s the simple-sounding name. The way the game is played, however, is far from simple. It’s the big brother of the Filipino’s childhood game of “sipa”, only one million times a big brother. Use any part of the body, except the hands (pretty much like football). Kick, run, twist, turn, jump, somersault, block, and float. Float, you ask? It’s hard to describe it. Watch and be amazed.

It’s not as popular as football, for instance, as it’s mostly played in Asia. It’s played in the Palarong Pambansa (perhaps in the UAAP?) and, because it’s a game of Asian origin, in the Southeast Asian Games (SEAGames). Not in the international scene, though. Perhaps they find it too hard to play sepak takraw? Peace. =)

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