Give us YOUR recommendations!

With the New Year celebrations done and over with, it’s time to sit and think about travel in and around the Philippines. And we need YOUR help on this exercise. It’s very simple — simply give us your recommendations!

You may have noticed our topics by now. If you’re not yet familiar with the categories in VisitPinas, allow us to remind you. What to eat (food)? Where to go? What to do? Where to stay? What to see? All in the Philippines, of course.

Give us your recommendation/s, something you’ve experienced (or would want to experience in 2013). It may help if you do a quick search around VisitPinas to check if we’ve already featured your recommendation, but to be on the safe side, fire away and tell us. It would also be helpful if you tell us a little something about your recommendation.

So, what are we waiting for? Fire away! Please use the comment section below. Thanks!

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