Gimme 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Quick! How many fingers does a chicken have? Yes, you’re correct — a chicken does not have any fingers. They have toes, four toes to be exact, which is why I’m confused why the 4Fingers Crispy Chicken restaurant call it 4Fingers (although I must admit it would be more weird if they call it 4Toes Crispy Chicken).

The official explanation from the company website ( reveals that 4Fingers represents the four friends who founded the company. It’s a blend of New York subway scene (the restaurant) and Korean-style fried chicken (crunchy, spicy and non-greasy).

It also appears from the website that it was first introduced in Singapore, and the restaurant has branches in Indonesia and the Philippines (SM City North EDSA, near National Bookstore, between the main building and The Block). This means it’s not Filipino, but since there’s a branch in the Philippines and we’ve tried it, we are writing about it here in VisitPinas.

Besides, we are not aware of any Filipino restaurant specializing in Korean-style chicken. There’s the original BonChon Chicken Philippines and Chicken Charlie, but, correct us if we are wrong, we believe they have foreign ties.

The uncertainties above notwithstanding, there are some things we are dead certain — 4Fingers Crispy Chicken is certified crispy, crunchy and delicious. It’s crunchy yet surprisingly soft to the tongue, pretty much like cotton to the skin, even with the chicken’s rich taste. Choose from three flavors — soy garlic, hot and mixed.

There’s Drumstick Rice Box (P99 for one piece), Chicken Rice Box (P139), 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken (P229 for 6 pieces), Chicken Drumsticks (P229 for 3 pieces), Seafood Rice Box (P229), Katsu Chicken Sandwich (P199), and Chicken Wrap (P229). It also serves non-chicken menu items: Calamari & Shrimp (P229) and Battered Chicken (P299). They have a promo for students, eat free or something (don’t quote us, check the promo mechanics at the store) but we were too busy with our crunchy chicken (and we’re not students so the promo doesn’t apply to us) that we forget to check the mechanics.

The restaurant itself is well-lighted, clean and simple. It indeed has the look and feel of the New York subway (ahem, at least from what we see in the movie). It exudes a certain simple warmth that should make guests feel at home and consume a whole lot of Korean-style fried chicken.

By the way, we have encountered BonChon and Chicken Charlie although we didn’t get the chance to take any photos. We’ll do a writeup of these two, hopefully in the near future, and do a ranking. In the meantime, before we have the opportunity to revisit these restaurants and get more taste bud experience, feel free to tell us your own ranking. Use the comment section below.

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