Fully Booked (Ayala Center, Cebu City)

You should know by now that Fully Booked is not something you often hear during peak travel seasons from airline companies. It’s something you don’t dread hearing. Quite the reverse, it’s something you look forward to. Fully Booked is a noun, the name of a good bookstore chain.

We’ve talked about Fully Booked before, with separate article for Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street, which happens to be our top bookstore pick for this year. I’ve been to other branches of Fully Booked, including one in Power Plant Mall. I didn’t expect to find a Fully Booked (website) in Cebu City and certainly didn’t have any plans of visiting one.

Shopping is not something I enjoy, so when I found myself accompanying my mother at Ayala-Cebu, I said they could go around and I’ll wait for them at Starbucks. Yes, there’s a Starbucks within the mall, but no, I didn’t go there. I prefer a better view, from the bigger Starbucks outlet outside the mall (at the back portion, although those unfamiliar with the layout of Ayala malls would discover it’s not easy to find where’s the front or back portion). Here’s the view I’m talking about – –

I’ve been away from Cebu for a while, so I didn’t know Ayala had already expanded to the back portion of the mall. So I was there, sipping hot brewed coffee, looking at the relatively nice view, when I saw a familiar sign, Fully Booked, just beside Starbucks. Hallelujah! I don’t know when the bookstore opened but I don’t really care, as I’m just glad it’s already there. Now, I wouldn’t mind waiting alone.

With one hand holding a book and the other holding a cup of coffee, I could stay there the whole day to wait until my mother concludes her shopping. That’s a lot of waiting, so I chose the thickest book that interests me — the 839-page Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices by Peter Drucker. If you go there and look for the Finance/Management section, it’s at the second floor.

I didn’t get the chance to fully explore the place, principally because, unlike U2, I already found what I’ve been looking for.Ā  Others were not as lucky. Many were asking for the book “Twilight“, which, unfortunately, was out of stock at that time due to heavy demand. It was fully booked indeed.

12 thoughts on “Fully Booked (Ayala Center, Cebu City)”

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for Business World Top 1000 Corp – Phil. 2008 (vol 22).
    Do you have it in stock and in what store in Manila is it located



  2. Hi jun,

    You can buy it at any National Bookstore branch or you can contact the circulation department of BusinessWorld. Trunkline: 5359901

  3. Hi,

    Is the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine June 2010 issue still there?i haven’t been visiting the store yet. The cover girl is Katherine Heigl

  4. Hi, I have copies of the coffee table book of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines Cebu Council. I wonder if you would be interested to have this in your Reference Section just as your copies of several other reference materials for researchers. We are selling it at P1,000 per copy. Should you be interested just sent me an email on how we can go about it. Thank you.


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