Fire Dancing (Boracay)

They say that when you play with fire, you’ll get burned, something which is true literally and figuratively speaking. When you’re in Boracay, you’ll have plenty of chance to see other people play with fire.

Firedancing, I mean, which is said to be influenced by Maori and Hawaiian traditions. Here’s a sampler:

It seems firedancing is everywhere in Boracay. This one we chanced upon while having dinner at Boracay Terraces Resort (and no, that’s not me, of course =).

6 thoughts on “Fire Dancing (Boracay)”

  1. wow! nice vid! i took a video of this firedance performance once when I went to boracay but sadly my PC had to repaired and all files were not saved šŸ™

  2. From : Boracay phoenix fire dancer. Thank you for promoting fire dancing as the new attraction in the island of Boracay. If you wanted to experience the heat please come and see our performance at Beachbum bar Boracay it’s in station 1 we are the first group of fire dancer in the island that have a choreograph performance and match it with a costume to make it more appealing and entertaining. Come and experience the heat as Boracay Phoenix fire dancers gives you a Boracay memorable fire experience.

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