EKstreme Tower Ride at Enchanted Kingdom (Laguna)

We have a previous post on the Enchanted Kingdom and, as a general rule, we’d simply have one post for each destination or item under a category. The few exceptions are made under exceptional circumstances, like when we ranked the slides in Splash Island. We’ll be doing something similar to Enchanted Kingdom — not a ranking, because the EKstreme Tower Ride is hands-down the most scary ride.

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If you’re brave enough and have tried the EKstreme ride, then go ahead to the comments section and tell everyone how it feels (which is hard to do if you were rendered unconscious or numb as soon as the ride began to ascend).

The EKstreme Tower Ride is way much better (or more scary, depending on how you look at it) than the Enchanted Kingdom‘s old Condor. The Condor is no longer existent. In its place stands the 150-feet tall EKstreme. This definitely pales in comparison to, say, bungee jumping or sky diving, but it would still turn your face pale.

The ride is pretty much straightforward (uhm, straight up and down). You pay an additional amount (price discounted for students; exactly how much, I was too excited to note). You fall in line (you’ll notice that there are more ladies trying out this ride, you make your own conclusion). You choose and sit on the single chairs that wrap the tower (choose the one facing the crowd, so everyone could see your tonsil when you begin shouting). The safety harness locks (better remove the slippers/sandals). The chairs go up on a steady climb. Once it hits the top, the mechanism gives way and gravity takes over.

How about shouting or screaming, you ask? Which part should you do it? Well, insert that in any portion of the ride. No hard and fast rule. Just scream whenever you feel like it. Perfectly understandable. It’s fun, actually. No fun when there’s no smell and sound of fear in the air.

Pictures are not scary, huh? If you want it to be more graphic, watch this video clip from YangPedrozo (with thanks):

Now, go ahead and try it! Visit us again and tell everyone how it feels. Oh, by the way, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as comment is not allowed. Peace.

5 thoughts on “EKstreme Tower Ride at Enchanted Kingdom (Laguna)”

  1. yaah i prove it.!it is the most scary and crazy rides on the enchanted kingdom..try it and you will find out what’s the feeling when you are drop down from the highest ride on the EK.(@_@).wooohh!!^^

  2. Hi! Do i need to pay for this Ekstreme ride? Answers please, because i haven’t rode on this before…. I went to EK when i was young and not allowed to ride on that ekstreme..

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