EDSA People Power Monument yellow

EDSA People Power Monument

Three different concepts. EDSA. People Power. Monument. These three concepts represent something powerful that resounds throughout the world even to this day.

Epifanio delos Santos Avenue

EDSA stands for Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, formerly known as Highway 54. The name of Highway 54 was changed in 1959, pursuant to a law (Republic Act 2140), in honor of Don Epifanio de los Santos, a son of Rizal province and the foremost Filipino scholar, jurist and historian of his time. EDSA is the main thoroughfare in Metro Manila, stretching from Monumento (Caloocan) all the way to Mall of Asia (Pasay).

People Power

There was an EDSA I and an EDSA II. Some say there was an “EDSA Tres”, although this is still subject to debate. Some say that the real People Power happened in EDSA I, and that EDSA II was a far cry from its predecessor. There are a number of distinctions between People Power I and People Power II. Read more on EDSA People Power or see Remembering the EDSA People Power: 25th Anniversary.

The Monument

The monument, which is found at the intersection of EDSA and Temple Hill Drive (Quezon City), was sculptured by Eduardo Castrillo. The figure in front is Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, with the people at the back.

It is a tribute to Filipinos who braved tanks, guns and the dictatorship’s military power on the streets of EDSA. Thousands of Filipinos flooded Metro Manila’s central thoroughfare, standing their grounds when tanks rolled towards them, with nothing but faith clinging to their hearts and nationalism burning in their veins.

The photos were taken at night and reflect unaltered colors. Noticed anything? If you simply pass through EDSA by night like I do, without stopping for a while, you wouldn’t notice the shift of colors flooding the People Power monument. There’s blue, red and yellow. The colors of the Philippine flag.

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