Double Double Burger at Tropical Hut Hamburger

Tropical Hut Hamburger had been around for more than four decades. An uncle used to work here, during the time when martial law was still in place. But I have never tasted any burger of Tropical Hut. “What? You haven’t tried Tropical Hut burger? It’s the original. You should at least try it.”

Try the burger of Tropical Hut, I was told, years ago. I never found any special reason to try this burger; didn’t hear any enthusiastic recommendation strong enough to push me into going. I’ve heard people say they won’t be caught dead eating here, through that never figured out in my decision to try this burger. The taste of a true great burger remains the same, regardless of image.

Today, confronted with a choice of having afternoon merienda in Razon’s, Shakey’s and Tropical Hut (at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Sta Rosa Business Park Balibago, Tagaytay Hi-way, Sta. Rosa, Laguna), I finally found enough reasons to try Tropical Hut. First, we frequent both Razon’s and Shakey’s and it’s time to try something else. Two, we need to taste Tropical Hut sooner or later. Three, we’re sampling burgers and have written about some of them, so it only makes sense to write about this original recipe.

Before proceeding, allow me to say that Tropical Hut serves many food items other than burgers.

I cannot say Tropical Hut is trying to maintain its taste, as I have no point of comparison. I cannot say Tropical Hut should take it up a notch to compete with the new gourmet burgers, as I don’t know what market segment it is targeting. I really don’t know how to end this.

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