Diving (Cabilao, Bohol)

I considered it one of the happiest homecoming. Perhaps, it was because it reminded me of teenage summers quite generous, it gave me both inexplicable joy and sadness.

I went off to sea, on a beautiful day with old and new friends. Cabilao, an island off Bohol we went. We descended smoothly and was met by colorful garden of huge corals. What a happy place it was. Each time I dive, I feel like I’m floating in my mother’s womb again, and reclaiming that peaceful state.

Never did I quite imagine I’d be this passionate about diving. Water used to scare me. But I realized I cannot live fully if I let fear stop me. So I made giant leaps and conquered my fear. It was, I think, Anais Nin who said: It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before… to test your limits… to break through barriers…I’m glad I did. It is when I’m underwater when my mind is most still. And each time I ascend, I ponder what life and adventures I would surface to, whose love I would find waiting for me.

After a day of diving and laughter and good food, it was time to leave. It was raining when we headed back to Cebu. Straight ahead, where home was to be, the skies were covered with dark clouds. On our left, the sun was setting. It was inviting and romantic, almost magical. But we, we headed straight to dark clouds and heavy rains.

* Photo: Magical garden underwater. Cabilao, Bohol. (This article and the photo are reprinted here with permission from Aileen.)

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