Swing and dive from a coconut tree in Loboc River, Bohol

Diving at the Loboc River, Bohol

A tour in Bohol is not complete without a river cruise up along Loboc River. Clean and scenic, the Loboc river winding through a number of towns in Bohol. The cruise includes buffet lunch so there’s no problem about taking your time. It also includes catching a glimpse of children diving in the sparkling waters of Loboc River.

[See Map: Directions on how to get there]

The photo above shows a boy, at the upper-right side, preparing to jump off and dive from the bridge. The photos below show the sequence of the dive. It’s a crude way of presenting the sequence, for I’m no expert with photos, but it captures the movement.

Loboc is known primarily for its world-famous Children’s Choir and its equally famous river. I’d say this emerald-green river is a shining example of how to balance tourism and ecology. It’s a case study on how to maintain a pristine environment while generating livelihood for the locals.

The river is framed by lots of nipa palms and occasional coconut trees. Nipa palms produce vinegar and its leaves is the source of roofing for the nipa hut (that’s why it’s called a nipa hut in the first place).

There’s a reason why this post is under the “To See” category, and not “To Do“. You don’t go diving yourself, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t. It’s just that you shouldn’t. You’re eating lunch on the boat or banca, still halfway through your tour of Bohol, and staying dry is preferable over dripping wet.

Now, if you can’t resist diving and taking a dip in the river . . . I don’t know. I guess the boat crew won’t accede if you ask for their consent. Just go take a dive at the Loboc River and see what happens. Uhm, did I hear anybody say there’s crocodile here? Just kidding.

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