Dining with a View in the Philippines: Photos of the Day

It’s amazing how food nowadays is enjoyed in two different levels — in the stomach and in social media. Admit it, you take a photo of your food before diving in. We also do that (in our defense, how can we post those lovely photos if we don’t snap a shot before the first bite?). Food can be an experience by itself or it can be a part of a bigger experience. Here are some of the photos we found, most tagged with #visitpinas in Instagram, of how food is enjoyed, with a view, on some random day in the Philippines.

Going Organic in a World Heritage Site

Less is more, says April Dopeño (check her Instagram account, @missbohemia, for more photos). We can’t agree more. If you pluck out all the borloloys, and still enjoy the experience, then it’s pure happiness. There’s something pleasantly different with the basics, in travel or in life, like the simple joys captured in April’s photo.

So, what are we looking at? April narrates: “Organic Batad rice and Chicken in Lemon Grass, eating right from it’s source. I seldom finish my food but this one’s an exception for I had several extra rice! How often can you have lunch with a perfect view like this?” Well, we haven’t experienced that kind of lunch because, uhm, what we had with that view was breakfast. Really, it’s rare that we get to enjoy a meal with this awesome view as appetizer.

The background view is the iconic rice terraces of Banaue. We’re hesitant to call it the Banaue Rice Terraces, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because this one is found in Batad (although Batad is a part of Banaue). There are a number of rice terraces in Banaue, with the best-preserved terraces found in Batad. If that’s a bit confusing, we suggest you go visit Banaue, including Batad (which is found in Banaue), and enjoy the simple joys of organic food served with a soothing view of the rice terraces.

Cool Stuff in Hot Beach

Fresh buko juice, consumed straight from the coconut (is it a nut or a fruit?) is readily available in the Philippines, unlike in western countries where it comes it is processed and packaged (and, of course, way more expensive). Even better, you get to enjoy fresh buko juice anywhere along the endless beaches of the Philippines, like in the Virgin Island, Bohol. Photo courtesy of Sabino, who lives by the reminder to expect nothing, appreciate everything (check his Instagram account, @sabino.gallo, for more photos).

It can be really be anything cool as contrast to the smokin’ hot beach. Fruit shakes are personal favorites. Here’s Mike enjoying his fruit shake at Maremegmeg Beach Bar in Palawan (check his Instagram account, @mike_plana, for more food photos).

Cooking Up Warm Happiness

Ok, you’re probably thinking that this isn’t a dining scene, but we’re almost certain that this resort in Tibao, Antique is trying to depict, in a fun way of course, how a cannibal’s kitchen would look like in those dark ages. That’s good enough reason to be a part of this post. Besides, we’ve been talking about simple joys with a view. This kawa (“cauldron”) hot bath is framed in a relaxing rustic view, cooking up (pun intended) happiness in the dinner, er, guest. In the words of Glaire Tolentino, “Happiness is taking a long warm bath.” Check her Instagram account, @glairewanders, for more photos.

We’re just getting warmed up. We’ll expand this article to include other photos. Soon. In the meantime, tag #visitpinas in Instagram to submit your entries.

Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). [Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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