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Dessert Heaven at Purple Oven

We don’t love dessert. Really, even if you torture us with more chocolate cakes, we’re going to stand by our words — we don’t like dessert. This mantra, we tell ourselves almost every chance we get. We have to convince ourselves that we don’t like dessert. Diabetes has made sure we mend our ways and steer away from dessert. But how can we resist going into, and running around the goodies, at the Purple Oven?

Tiny drops of water randomly filled the windshield as we looked for a spot in San Antonio Plaza‘s small parking lot. The Plaza is that two-story affair sandwiched by the high walls of Forbes Park along McKinley Road, one of the main arteries connecting the main business district of Makati City to the new global city of Fort Bonifacio. BGC, that’s what the younger crowd calls the Bonifacio Global City.

It didn’t take long before we found a spot right in front of the Plaza, not exactly a miracle considering that there was no mass at the adjacent Santuario de San Antonio Parish. It also didn’t take long before the rain starting pouring; you know, those times when a quick heavy downpour results to a mini-flood in many parts of Metro Manila. The heavy rain lasted for about an hour, which is an excessive amount of time to be stuck inside a purple-themed chocolate and dessert heaven, the Purple Oven. What exactly are you supposed to do when marooned by rain inside Purple Oven?

We can’t help but feel giddy once inside the Purple Oven — the shop, not the baking equipment. A line of built-in refrigerators occupy the left side of the shop while a two-level pastry display area holds court at the right side. The refs contain whole cakes that can only be bought whole; this is not a place for slices or half-hearted measures of enjoying cakes. White Chocolate Sans Rival and Chocolate Campfire, plus a few Carrot Cakes, ripe for the picking this visit.

Directly opposite the refs are the assorted baked goodies; we don’t know all the variants because we only have eyes for the Cheeseroll.

To be continued…in the meantime, check these photos (click the photo to enlarge).

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