Dapitan Arcade (Quezon City)

Maybe you’ve bought a new home or transferred to a new one. Maybe you woke up one day and felt the urge to rearrange or add furniture and other accessories in your home. When looking for accessories or decorations for your home, you could very well go to the shopping malls or home depots. Or you could go to hidden home-shopping nirvana.

If you’re in Metro Manila and you’d want to go shopping/malling and buy furniture/home accessories on the side, you could try Tiendesitas or Market!Market! (I’m sure that there are other great hunting grounds and maybe you’d want to let us know about them through the comment section below).

In Tiendesitas, for instance, you’ll be presented with many choices of furniture, antiques and accessories. The good thing about shopping for furniture and home accessories in Tiendesitas is this — you could look around the place while your kids are enjoying in the Ark Avilon Zoo or the Fun Ranch.

If you want less expensive home decors and accessories, perhaps you’d want to consider places like Evangelista Street (Makati) or Dapitan Street (Quezon City). We went to Evangelista Street, but we didn’t get the chance to look around because the stores are harder to find (the car-related stores are more dominant, just like in Banawe Street in Quezon City). The Dapitan Arcade is easier to find.

The place doesn’t look like much, as compared, let’s say, to malls. But hey, I guess you’re more after the low price and the fun of hunting for bargains. You could make “tawad” or ask for bigger discounts. A tall vase (I call it that, since I don’t know the technical terms) costs P800 in a big airconditioned store somewhere, yet it only costs P200 at Dapitan Arcade. A stylized wooden paper clip (or whatever you call it) costs P25, as compared to P70 in the mall.

If you’re the type of person who believes the price difference is more important than the absence of airconditioning (and the smaller spaces between and inside the stores), then try Dapitan.

We had to park two blocks away because so many cars are parked in the surrounding streets. Directions? If you’re along Quezon Avenue from EDSA, just look for the “Welcome Rotunda” (also called “Mabuhay Rotunda”, before you hit Espana Avenue). Is it spelled “rotunda” or “rotonda”? Anyway, turn right at the rotunda (or rotonda). You’ll hit the Dapitan Street intersection. You’ll see the Dapitan Arcade (to your left) a few meters after turning right at that intersection. Now that you know how to get there, it’s time to go shopping.

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  1. thanks for featuring in simply KC…. smart way to shop. again maraming maraming salamat po

    1. Mrs. M, the Christmas decors are definitely cheap. But the cheapest? We’re not sure. Go to Dapitan, then to Divisoria. We know that the goods in Divisoria is also cheap, but we prefer Dapitan because it’s nearer and more convenient.

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