Crunchy Korean-style BonChon Chicken

Promises are meant to be broken, the cliche goes. Here in VisitPinas we try to keep our promises, especially when it involves food. We said we’re going to find time to compare the Korean-style chicken brands in the Philippines, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, BonChon and Chicken Charlie.

This is a good corner of Katipunan Avenue (Quezon City) to visit for weekend getaway. Lunch at BonChon and dessert at Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe, both found at the second floor of the Regis Center, right in front of Ateneo.

The restaurant is clean and minimalist, with red and black highlights, pretty much the logo of BonChon. Having a small place with lots of people obviously wanting to eat here means waiting time, and people don’t seem to mind waiting for their turn.

This could mean a number of things and possibly the primary reason is this: the product is good. Koren-style chicken is fried chicken, yet it’s surprisingly not greasy. It feels light to the palate and, even sans the heavy breading found in other fast food chains, the chicken is crunchy.

Two down, one more to go. We’ve encountered 4Fingers and BonChon, we’re just waiting for the chance to visit Chicken Charlie. Anyway, if you have your own ranking of the three, by all means tell us through the comment section below.

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