Corregidor Inn (Corregidor Island)

Some hotels are memorable because of scenic views, found along beautiful beaches. Some hotels are legendary because of their structure and facilities. Some are found in the city, with easy access to meeting/convention places and night life. The Corregidor Inn, sometimes called the Corregidor Hotel and Resort, has a different allure.

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The Corregidor Inn is the only place to stay in Corregidor Island. There’s a beachfront for those who enjoy the sand and the sea, and, just like the regular hotels, the Corregidor Inn also has a swimming pool for those who prefer fresh water.

It serves good food, just like any hotel. The dining area leads to a veranda that overlooks Manila Bay. The scenic view is mesmerizing, the warm breeze relaxing and the silence of the place is therapeutic.

This place was far from silent more than fifty years ago. This island of 3 square miles is the scene of intense battles in World War II. The small island of Corregidor is reportedly the second most bombed place during World War II, next to the island of Malta. This is the last stronghold of Philippine-American Forces during WWII, the last defensive bastion to surrender to the invading Japanese forces. It was battered both by Japanese artillery and airplanes.

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When Gen. Douglas MacArthur returned to usher in the liberation of the Philippines, he returned the favor by bombing the Japanese in Corregidor to smithereens.

So many soldiers and support staff suffered and died here. True, Corregidor is a rock fortress, with tunnels to shield soldiers from heavy bombardment. With constant assaults and limited food/medicine supply, anyone holed up in this island cannot last forever.

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We are only scratching the surface, so to speak, of Corregidor’s history. We won’t even discuss how this island serves as the primary entry point during the era when the Philippines was still the colony of Spain. The surviving Spanish Lighthouse serves as a mute reminder of the distant past.

The Corregidor Inn stands in the ground zero of rich history, something which other hotels or inns don’t have. The air whispers stories of bravery and grim determination, probably even if a guest doesn’t know the history of Corregidor Island.

They say that in some quite night, if you listen real closely, one would hear the faint sounds of explosions and men fighting. We wouldn’t be surprised if ghosts roam the place, especially if you take the night tour of Corregidor, of course available only for those who stay overnight at the Corregidor Inn. Wouldn’t that be some experience.

The Corregidor Inn may not have spanking-new buildings or facilities, but that would only destroy the aura of this place. Still, it has a business center, internet access, swimming pool, good food, comfortable rooms, and all other basic amenities of a good hotel. Then it has something that makes it stand out from the others — a solemn and important piece of Philippine history.

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  1. How much is the current rate at corregidor inn? we’re planning to go last week of jan or sometime in Feb.


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