Cool Surfer Girl at the Surfing Capital of the North (San Juan, La Union)

Summer is fast approaching. The sleepy sun is slowly emerging from the horizon in San Juan Beach. While others were still deep in slumber, she was getting ready to start surfing practice and stretching on the beach, right at that point where the sea water heaves its last sigh as it gives up its eternal quest to embrace the whole beach.

Surfer girls are known for their tan, toned, slender bodies. This surfer girl is no different from the stereotype. The upper body strength and powerful abs needed in surfing chiseled her physique.

The endless repetition of watching the wave, catching it and mounting the board show how serious she is. When you wake up at dawn, head towards the middle of the sea and practice until the sun burns you deep brown, it cannot be interpreted other than being serious.

And many serious surfers flock to San Juan (La Union). which is generally-acknowledged Surfing Capital of the North. It is easily accessible from Metro Manila, either through a 6-hour land trip or a 1-hour plane trip through the neighboring San Fernando City Airport.

Even if February is not within the two distinct surfing seasons in this side of the Philippines (I understand the surfing seasons are July to October and November to March), the sea, littered with so many local and alien surfers, produced respectable waves.

[See maps and directions on how to get to Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa found in Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, where the San Juan Beach or Urbiztondo Beach is found.]

By “alien” I mean “foreigners”, and there are tons of them here, distributed in many first-rate beach resorts in the area (see, for instance, the Kahuna Beach Resort). International surfing gear manufacturer Billabong holds events in San Juan. The Billabong Surf School, known as the No. 1 surf school in the Philippines, was opened in San Juan in 2003 by Filipino-Australian surfer Luke Landrigan.

If you know surfing in San Juan (La Union) or in any part of the Philippines, including Siargao (Surigao) and Baler (Quezon), please share your knowledge on Philippine surfing through the comment section below. Thanks.

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