Climb Every Mountain: Philippine Travel Stories

Mountain climbing is fast becoming a favorite outdoor activity of Filipino travelers, so much so that we lost count of the mountaineering photos featured in VisitPinas. We can probably add more photos in the future but, for now, let’s check out the fun shots of how these trekkers seem to get there.

Take the Bus

Some mountains can be conquered on wheels. Just go to Sagada and, voila!, you’re on high altitude paradise without breaking a sweat. You can ride a limo, of course, but would you want that? Apparently not the preferred ride of Elijah Hernandez, with his Sagada photo, captioned: “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” Limo or bus, we really don’t mind, as long as it’s running, unlike this bus which has become a permanent part of Sagada’s charm. [Check his Instagram account, @elijah815, for more photos.]

Go Ride a Bike

We’re almost certain that you can ride a bike when exploring a mountainous area. That’s what mountain bikes are for, right? Fun, yes, but it would be more fun if you go all-natural — a bicycle made of bamboo, like in this photo by TheWorkingTitle (check his Instagram account, @cjaypatron, for more photos). Not gonna work, this tiny bike. But it’s a testament to the creativity of our craftsmen. In the words of @cjaypatron: “Creating a masterpiece out of bamboo. Definitely something we can be proud of #filipinohandmade.”

Just Keep on Walking

Okay, before we get an earful from hard-core mountaineers, we do recognize that mountain climbing requires plain, old walking. It’s mountain climbing; not mountain riding or mountain biking. Use the wooden stairway to heaven, if you must, like in this photo at Mt. Ulap (Itogon, Benguet) courtesy of Lenstagram (check her Instagram account, @jiglypuff16, for more awesome photos).

We’re going to update this post, so tag us with your mountaineering photos and stories.

[Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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