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Balete Drive sign in Quezon City

Who’s Scared of Balete Drive?

Urban legend has it that drivers, when passing by Balete Drive Quezon City during some dark evening, see white ladies. Some get distracted and crash into incoming vehicles. Others vow not to pass along Balete Drive during evenings. Some see ladies in white crossing, or more properly floating, across the road. Some ladies flag down taxis. Some solo drivers inexplicably see, through the rear view mirror, a lady sitting at the backseat. (At the end of this post we’ll feature a video of a ghost in one of the houses along Balete Drive.) Continue reading

Sunrise at Pagbilao, Quezon

Itinerary from Manila to Bicol (Legaspi and Donsol)

Summer vacation. Perfect time to go on a road trip, whether down to the beach or up to Baguio. Sure, taking the plane is more comfortable, but taking the car could be fun. Those who prefer the beach may go to Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Subic, Batangas, Pagudpud or other great Philippine beaches. How about going to the beach, seeing Mayon Volcano, and swimming with butanding (whale sharks) in one trip? That, my dear bakasyonista, would lead you to a 550-kilometer journey from Manila to Bicol  (550 kilometers, more or less). Continue reading

Bitukang Manok (road that looks like a chicken intestine)

Quezon National Forest Park and Bitukang Manok: Driving Tips when Going to Bicol

Ask anyone, if you’ve never driven from Manila to Bicol, when going to Donsol perhaps, for driving tips and they will most probably tell you to be pass by the bitukang manok route to save time and to be very careful in this portion. Nobody would tell you about the Quezon National Forest Park. Continue reading

Calle Crisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

VisitPinas Itinerary for a 3-day Ilocos Trip

The itinerary for Ilocos. We’ve lightly touched this matter in various articles but never found the time to paint the entire picture. This is long overdue especially considering that the Legaspi/Donsol itinerary is already done even before the planned trip. Like the Donsol land trip, Ilocos is an adventure by its sheer distance alone. The end of the trip, in Pagudpud, brought us practically to the end of the major Philippine land mass (there’s Batanes, but that’s an island outside of Luzon). Continue reading

Directions from Manila to Donsol: Your Suggestions

There’s a plane from Manila to Legaspi City, the jump-off to Donsol (Sorsogon), world-famous for its whale sharks or butanding. We plan to take a road trip adventure in May if time and health permits. We’ve checked directions and pit stops in the approximately 550+ kilometer-trip, 10-12 hours travel time. This is the plan — and you’re requested to suggest better routes or must-see highlights along the way. Traffic and choke points? Hazards? Delicacy to taste? Revisions will be made from time to time. Continue reading

Road Safety for Long Weekends

There are two long weekends in November. Holidays for the rest of 2009 and for the full year of 2010 had long been announced. Filipinos go home to provinces for undas. With long weekends, our roads will be full. Traffic will be heavy. Patience will run thin. So, wherever you are, please remember these road safety tips (most are from emails floating around): Continue reading

ZestAir Airbus A320 Plane

More Airline Zest with ZestAir

She was smiling at me as I walked up the ladder, escaping the open walk under the early morning sun and into the ZestAir plane where she works as a stewardess (I believe the proper designation is Flight Attendant or FA). This would be interesting, I thought. Here she is demonstrating flight safety procedures, making it look cool to grab the oxygen mask in case of a sudden drop in cabin pressure. Continue reading