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Happiest Thank You Project of Coca-Cola

How do You Say Thank You? With a Name (“The Happiest Thank You”)

Coca-Cola has bottling plants in the Philippines, but Coke is not a Filipino company, no about about that. But there’s also no doubt that emotions in this new Coke commercial is 100% Pinoy. So we’re featuring Coke‘s “Happiest Thank You” ad campaign here in VisitPinas (besides, a lot of you cried with the “Happiness is Home Project“). Watch it. But don’t cry. Continue reading

FIBA Most Valuable Fans Philippines Best Country Award

Philippines: FIBA’s Most Valuable Fans (MVF) Best Country Award

The Philippines didn’t win the FIBA 2014 Spain Basketball World Cup. But the Gilas Pilipinas won over the hearts of the world basketball and, in the process, convinced our own that we actually have a shot at that podium. Also, by way of deserving recognition, FIBA has announced that Filipinos are the BEST basketball fans in the world. FIBA said: “Fans took part in MVF Challenges and used a broad range of social actions (for example by associating their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, using the hashtag #Spain2014…etc) to accumulate their MVF points.” We really don’t know exactly how they measure who’s the best fans but based on how loud and proud the Gilas Pilipinas fans are, we have no doubt the Filipinos deserve the title. Yes, including the championship title down the road. Manalig, kabayan! Watch this video:

Video and screen grab courtesy of youtube and FIBA.

Jollibee comforting kid in hospital

Best Dance Crew: Jollibee

Filipinos can dance — a few examples would be Jabbawockeez and, lately, the A-Team. Filipinos can sing — Pinoys are born with a golden microphone. There is, in fact, a show about the singing bee. But have you seen a dancing bee? A really awesome dancing bee? We’ve talked about the jolly red bee we Filipinos (and, yes, foreigners) call Jollibee. We’ve even featured the showdown between Jollibee and KFC mascots. Really, there are reasons why McDo can’t beat Jollibee in the Philippines. Perhaps one is dancing? Here’s the video: Continue reading

Nike Basketball Gilas Pilipinas Commercial

Basketball, #PlayPinoy and doing it My Way

The Philippines as a nation has its greatest loves. Filipinos love basketball in terms of sports (so it’s surprising that the national game, sipa, is not a competitive event in international competitions). Filipinos love Frank Sinatra’s My Way when it comes to karaoke / videoke, so much so that this song should carry a “sing at your own risk” label. Filipinos also embraced and loved Gilas Pilipinas when in represented the Philippines in the FIBA World Olympics. So what do we get when we combine basketball, Gilas Pilipinas and My Way? Nike captured it in this basketball #PlayPinoy commercial. Continue reading

Sige Lang (Quest) and Gilas Pilipinas

Sige Lang (Quest) and Gilas Pilipinas

The win of the Philippines’ Gilas Pilipinas reminds us of the feeling when Gilas captured the 2012 Jones Cup, beating the United States in the process. The feeling is captured in another great Quest song, Sige Lang, superimposed against the basketball quest of Gilas. See the Pagbabago video or watch the revised Sige Lang video, here:

Video courtesy youtube, Quest and others featured in the video.

Gilas Pilipinas wins in FIBA Basketball World Cup

Salamat Gilas Pilipinas: Puso at Utak

At last. At long last. Today, September 4, 2014 — a date that will be remembered by the next generations — after four straight losses, after chants of #puso have been sorely tested with a yearning for something more than a moral victory, after calls for #utak popped up beside #puso and #GilasPilipinas, after repeated heartbreaks in close games against Croatia, Argentina and Puerto Rico, the Philippines finally captured its first win in the FIBA basketball World Cup after 40 years. Continue reading

Philippine Dragonboat Team

Philippine Dragonboat Team, 2014 Gold and Basketball

The results are in — the Philippine team brought home gold. No, we’re not talking about the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain. While the Philippines cheered — and rightly so — Gilas Pilipinas when it almost won against Croatia, the Philippine Dragonboat National Team quietly made the Philippines proud by amassing medals in the 2014 ICF Dragonboat World Championships in Poznan, Poland. That’s a total of 5 GOLD, 4 SILVER and 3 BRONZE medals. Congratulations to the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation (PCKF). Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Continue reading

Rak of Aegis Musical

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Rak of Aegis

You’ve probably heard, or seen, the all-Filipino box-office musical Rak of Aegis, a theater presentation of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) that features the song of the Filipino rock trio, Aegis. Here are five reasons why you should watch it: Continue reading

Benigno Ninoy Aquino Speech

Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Day: The Speech You Should Watch

Today, August 21, the Philippines celebrates Ninoy Aquino Day, a national holiday to commemorate the life and death of a martyr, former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, who, like thousands of Filipinos during the Martial Law of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, fought for the restoration of freedom and democracy. Ninoy Aquino — the husband of former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino and the father of President Benigno “Noynoy Aquino III — was assassinated the very moment he came back to the Philippines on August 21, 1983. There are great documentaries about the life, struggle and death of Ninoy. The best informative video, in our opinion, is not a documentary but the speech delivered by Ninoy two years before his death. On February 15, 1981, Ninoy was the speaker in a symposium by the Movement for a Free Philippines (MFP) at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. Please take time (almost 2 hours) to watch the full speech (divided into nine parts): Continue reading

Philippine Madrigal Singers at the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

Heavenly Voices of the Philippine Madrigal Singers at the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

If there’s a choir in heaven, it’s not surprising to expect that Filipinos would be part of it. Here’s the Philippine Madrigal Singers, or simply MADZ of the University of the Philippines, doing its version of the flash mob and singing Izar Edderak (A Beautiful Star) at the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel in France. It’s amazing how it’s possible to appreciate a song without knowing the words. Continue reading