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Cow in Batanes

15 Tips for your Batanes Travel

We’ve finally visited one of the places in our Philippine bucket list, Batanes, an absolutely gorgeous province consisting of a few islands (for starters, see the 12 Ordinary Things that Look Gorgeous in Batanes). Before heading out to Batanes, we had some notions on what it would look like and what we should expect; confirmed a few and reconsidered most of those Batanes notions. We thought we’d share our realizations with the VisitPinas community: Continue reading

RORO at Balingoan Port to Camiguin

Itinerary for Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Camiguin

A long weekend is coming up. For those planning to take a 4-day vacation to Cagayan de Oro — Bukidnon — Camiguin, allow us to share our itinerary. We’ve gone this route as part of our VisitPinas advocacy and, incidentally, to experience first-hand the route. This way, we’d better assist travelers over at GoTravelBliss Tours (see disclosure). Continue reading

Top 12 Arrivals to the Philippines in 2013, by Country

Growth of Philippine Tourism in 2013

Figures from the Department of Tourism (DoT) showed a growth of almost 10% of foreign visitors to the Philippines for 2013. This translates to a total of 4,681,307 foreign visitors in 2013, which is a 9.56% increase from the 4,272,811 arrivals in 2012. According to Secretary of Tourism Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr., “Our key source markets generally performed well during the month of December, proof that international confidence has been regained.  The Philippines is profoundly grateful for the outpouring of support, aid, and goodwill from all over the world. They were all instrumental in our road to recovery.” Continue reading

Typhoon Watch 2014

Typhoon Watch 2014: List of Typhoons in the Philippines

The time has come to again start the list of typhoons for the year, 2014. It’s not that we want typhoons to visit the Philippines — it’s an inescapable fact that around 20 storms visit the Philippines each year. So, just like in the previous years (see the typhoon lists for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 lists), let’s log each typhoon as it enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). The first typhoon in 2013 came on the 3rd day of the year, while in 2012 it came in June. Drop by from time to time as we update the list of typhoons in the Philippines for 2014. Continue reading

Dragon Fireworks Winning Show at Pyronale 2013

Pyronale Berlin 2013: Dragon Fireworks (Philippines) brings home Gold

We’ve seen this spectacular display of what Filipinos can do. We’ve watched it again and again. And, well, we’ve lost count. This is the gold-winning fireworks display of the Philippines’ own, Dragon Fireworks. This is the Pyronale 2013 at Berlin, Germany, an international competition. Here’s the video. Be amazed: Continue reading

No swimming sign in Manila Bay

Swimming in Manila Bay

Manila Bay, most famous for its golden, romantic sunset right in the heart of Metro Manila. As the gateway to Manila, this is the site of historic battles, including the Spanish-American War and the Second World War. Here you can find the Manila Yacht Club (obviously a place for the upper class) and the Manila Ocean Park. This is where Philippine dragon boat teams, preparing for their world championship defense, hold their practice.  It really is puzzling why swimming is not allowed in Manila Bay. Continue reading

Summer 2013: Philippine Summer Officially Starts Today

It’s official: Philippine summer for 2013 is upon us. According to PAGASA: “The establishment of the Ridge of North Pacific High Pressure Area that extended over Luzon has shifted the wind direction to easterly and southeasterly and the gradual increase of observed daily temperature recorded in most parts of the country signifies the recession of the Northeast Monsoon. Weather conditions will be mostly sunny associated with warm and humid air in most parts of the country aside from isolated rainshowers and thunderstorms particularly over the eastern section of Visayas and Mindanao.” Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns: Official Declaration

This breaking news is shocking for the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia — Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi announced that Pope Benedict XVI will resign effective 28 February 2013. The official reason for the Pope’s resignation is his advanced age. The full text of the official declaration, posted the Vatican Radio’s website, reads: Continue reading