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Ube Cake at Victorino's

Red Velvet + Ube + Bagnet + Ilocos Taste = Victorino’s

Happiness is a matter of perspective. We love the spontaneity in travel and we love surprises when in comes to food. We’ve long ago decided to embrace the curve balls, good and bad, life throws our way. Ready to deal with the bad times, happier to deal with the good times. So how happy can we get with the evening surprise we discovered at the Ilocano culinary stronghold of Victorino’s? Continue reading

The Duke Steak at Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops

The Bully is Happy, and it’s a Burger, at Brickfire Oven-Roasted Steaks and Chops

There are only a few places on earth we know so well like the back of our hands. The rest, we know like the back of our heads. The realization of being a total stranger to our surroundings, instead of invoking the reality that we fear what we don’t know, ushers in a tingling feeling of adventure and wonder. Otherwise, imagine how boring life would be. We don’t know the place. We explore. We have fun. Life is indeed full of adventures. Continue reading

Project Pie - Design, Build, Eat

Pizza and a Restaurant called Project Pie

It’s funny how kids use school “projects” as excuse to stay out late in the evening and, more importantly, to get more funds from their parents. It’s funny because parents already know about this, having used the modus operandi when they were kids themselves. Papunta ka pa lang pabalik na kami, some parents say. Indeed, it is said that everything we need to learn, we learned in kindergarten. Projects, fortunately, are not among those we learn in kindergarden. Imagine this: the made-up projects in school are the template for “ghost projects” in government. Imagine the project to consist of birthday cakes or, in the case of Project Pie, pizza. Continue reading

Barbecued Lamb with Provencale Dressing at Uno Restaurant

My One and Uno Restaurant (Quezon City)

An aura of stillness, of peace and quiet, permeates the two-floor Uno Restaurant; a surprising ambiance considering its location, Tomas Morato in Quezon City (corner Scout Fuentebella). The ambiance is the reason why we chose to come back to Uno Restaurant. The other reason would be the cheesecake. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Continue reading

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll at Viet Garden Vietnamese Cuisine

The Surprising Viet Garden Vietnamese Cuisine in Angeles, Pampanga

There’s an interesting sight when passing by Clark and Angeles (Pampanga) — the endless row of foreign-themed restaurants, probably a reflection of Clark’s history as a former military base of a foreign country and an existing economic zone. In one quite corner of Bayanihan Park (along M.A. Roxas Highway, Balibago, Angeles City) sits the Viet Garden Vietnamese Cuisine, a restaurant that blends well with the surrounding establishments, perhaps too well that first-time visitors won’t notice it. So why is it full? We’ll tell you why. Continue reading

Banapple Blueberry Cheesecake - no more

Fast and Furious: How to Destroy a Banapple Blueberry Cheesecake

It has been ages since we last visited Banapple. What better way to have a #ThrowBackThursday than to go back and check if the banoffee still tastes the same? The banoffee was still there, alright, but it didn’t receive a second glance from us. Our quick gaze got stuck on the cheesecake, the Blueberry Cheesecake. Lovely! Even before the Banapple staff finished preparing our cheesecake order, we already came up with a plan how to dominate the world and totally destroy the Banapple Blueberry Cheesecake along the way. Don’t fret, lad, we’re going to share the strategy with you. Continue reading

Racks Best Ribs in Town

5 Things We’d Tell RACKS

We’ve noticed that every time we visit a Real American Country Kitchen Style restaurant (let’s just call it RACKS, as it’s called anyway) we receive a customer feedback form. We don’t know if everyone is given a customer feedback form by RACKS or we simply look like a bunch of souls who look like perfect candidates for RACKS’ target demographics. We can always politely refuse to answer but we feel this is a disservice to future consumers. Maybe we can be excused if we write down what we need to say? So here goes: Continue reading

Fun and Learning at Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe

Old School Fun at Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe

“Let’s visit Ludo Cafe,” read the text message from my husband. The fact that he sent the message during a workweek made it unusual; a blue moon is rather a common occurrence compared to the frequency he takes time off from work on a weekday. Maybe he badly wanted to take a break. Maybe there’s something really interesting in Ludo that he wanted to check out. I didn’t ask. All I knew is that he already made arrangements with his friend, Marcelo, a co-owner (and, he said, resident cool geek) of Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe. We survived our first visit of Ludo with the following notes. Continue reading