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Daily serving of photos from community members in Instagram.

Photo of the Day: Mt. Pico de Loro

Reaching the summit of mountains, movies have conditioned us, involves spreading your arms wide, with a rotating aerial camera shot. It’s a cool picture from a distance, the same shot we saw with mitchiecosis’ outstretched arms as she conquered Mt. Pico de Loro, a mountain range that runs through a number of towns in Batangas. What’s cool about this photo is the sheer emotion that comes through, like “you mean I have to go there and back here to take your photo?” Seriously, it’s the sense of happiness that comes through, standing on that golden brown rock sticking out of the mountain, with the green slopes serving as beautiful backdrop. Lovely. Here’s the photo (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Mt. Pico de Loro

Photo of the Day: Alamid Coffee

Some things are wonderfully confusing. For instance, Ms. Chelsea M. Portillano says she likes “taking naps and eating pizza” yet she’s gone all the way to Sagada to try, not pizza, but civet cat coffee — better known as kapeng alamid in the Philippines. Then there’s alamid coffee itself, which is more expensive than ordinary coffee yet, in the words of Chelsea, is “made from undigested coffee beans from civet cat poop! Basically, I’m drinking poop!” Thanks, Chelsea, for being so adorably graphic. It’s expensive because you don’t encounter a civet cat on a daily basis and collecting the coffee beans (stuck in that civet “stuff”) it’s not really a walk in the park. It is said to taste good because the stomach enzymes of the civet cat seeps into the coffee bean, giving it a totally awesome taste (if you’ve tried it, please tell us how you’d rate the taste). Not for the weak of heart (or, more properly, weak stomach). Here’s an awesome photo (click to enlarge) of the civet coffee served in an immaculately-clean white cup, with the civet, uhm, “stuff” at the left side. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Alamid Coffee

Photo of the Day: Light Rail Transit (LRT)

This featured photo from our instagram community may look totally ordinary. But like the photographer, glazielgonzalbo, who goes by the tagline “not a typical earthling,” there’s nothing typical or common about this photo (click to enlarge) of the Light Rail Transit (LRT). The problem that we encounter when, well, encountering people, objects or events on a daily basis is the tendency to treat them as common. We’re posting this photo as a reminder to fight the natural degradation and look at our world, including our Philippines, with a fresh eyes — every single day. Besides, there’s nothing common with this beautiful picture, with its crisp but muted colors, and with the train looking like it has appeared from out of the light (as opposed to going TOWARDS the light, know what we mean?). It’s a potent symbol that there’s a positive direction for the Philippine mass rail transport system. We hope. We sincerely hope (otherwise, we’re doomed). Here, look at the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Photo of the Day: Whitewater Rafting

The first time is usually the most memorable, right? So, when we saw the expression of Debbie Grace Andres (utopiansky, and company) in her first encounter with the white sparkles of Cagayan River, we can’t help but feature the cool photo, even if we have our own whitewater rafting photos in Cagayan de Oro City. There’s truly something extra special with a group picture. Consider utopiansky‘s photo (click to enlarge) — one crew is mightily trying to steer the raft, the rest of the members are seriously trying to paddle, but there’s one member (left side) RAISING her paddle and there’s another one (middle of raft) WITHOUT a paddle (and is he holding a camera or eating something?). We’ll never know for sure until Debbie and her crew drops by to clear the air (or, in this case, clear the water). Here’s the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Whitewater Rafting

Photo of the Day: Perth Paradise Resort

We usually indicate the location in the title of our posts, but we’re making an exception for this post because we’re going to play a game. All you have to do is take a look at the photo (courtesy of jepoyme; click the photo to enlarge), then tell us the locality where the shot is most probably taken. Game? Ok, your guess? Hundred Islands in Pangasinan? Same guess we made. And we were wrong (the white swimming pool led us to think that it’s a cross between the Hundred Islands and Bellaroca). This is a photo at the Perth Paradise Resort located in Sipalay, Negros Occidental. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Perth Paradise Resort

Photo of the Day: Welcome to Purgatory

Something is bound to interest people in the 7,107 Philippines islands. There are amazing views and gorgeous places, including what mountaineers consider as heaven — mountains, of course. There are breathtaking mountains, like Mt. Pulag and Mt. Apo, that we — in our physical condition — can only dream of climbing. The sceneries in these mountains are no doubt very interesting and we should be showcasing the views. In some climbs, however, what’s interesting is the name of the mountain itself, which leaves us with little choice but to show some sign board, not the view. Take for instance this awesome photo (click to enlarge) from Adrian Gongona (iyanismo), floating his way to (or in) Mt. Purgatory (Bokod, Benguet). We’ve heard of the expression “heaven on earth” but it’s only now we’ve discovered that Purgatory is actually found here on earth (for Catholics, purgatory is the middle ground between heaven and hell). Here’s the cool photo of iyanismo — “your typical boy next door who just won’t stay indoor”: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Welcome to Purgatory

Photo of the Day: Climbing Mt. Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas)

What first comes to mind when you here of Batangas? Yes, balisong. And bulalo, diving, Laiya, Taal, Tagaytay, Vilma Santos and, well, let’s stop there. What we’re trying to say is that we’ve never imagined seeing a nice trail in Mt. Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas) — we didn’t know until we saw that awesome photo posted in Instagram by rhoziefranco. One more item in the Philippine travel bucket list. Check the photo (click the photo to enlarge) of the beautiful pose and the nice view: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Climbing Mt. Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas)

Photo of the Day: Wakeboarding in CamSur

Have you tried out wakeboarding yet? This is the life-changing question posed by @CamSur. Ok, it’s not life-changing to most people, but it could very well be a game-changer for couch potatoes. The destination is the CamSur Watersports Complex where, according to CamSur, you can “learn the skills at the winch park and maybe meet new #friends, too!” There would also “be instructors that will assist you at the beginner’s lake” (you’ll be surprised how helpful @CamSur is when it comes to queries from watersports enthusiasts). Here’s a cool photo (click the photo to enlarge) to get you started: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Wakeboarding in CamSur

Photo of the Day: Sunset in Puerto Galera

The Philippines, anywhere you may be in its 7,107 islands, is home to majestic sunsets — producing amazing memories when captured in photographs. Here’s a beautiful photo of the Puerto Galera sunset taken by GeekPinay using her android phone (she qualified “android phone” with “only” but it’s really unnecessary because the photo is absolutely gorgeous!). The banca, which looks like it’s being lifted by the light from underneath, and the rock face to the right both add beauty to the picture. Here, check this photo (click the photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Sunset in Puerto Galera

Photo of the Day: Binondo, Manila

Binondo is the first Chinatown in the Philippines. It is also the very first Chinatown in the whole WORLD. Binondo is colorful in terms of history as well as current-day offerings, including food and architecture. It’s usually a crowded place and there’s the usual clash between the old and the modern infrastructure — factors that don’t really make it easy for photographers to shoot  a good scene from the distance. This shot by nathaniel0603, however, beautifully captures a section of the Binondo Church — framed by the setting sun — and the surprisingly calm plaza fronting the church. Look at the photo (click the photo to enlarge):  Continue reading Photo of the Day: Binondo, Manila