Campita’s Broas (Lady Fingers) of Lucban

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of Lucban? Yes, that’s the one in Quezon Province. And yes, it’s the home of the kiping and the famous Pahiyas Festival celebrated every May, but what comes to mind after that? Uhm, yes, the pansit habhab and Buddy’s Restaurant probably comes next, but what comes after that? Well, you won’t probably get to what we’re trying to point to. We didn’t have a clue, either. Until we received a can of Campita’s Broas (lady fingers). We’ve been to Lucban and visited the Pahiyas Festival but we didn’t notice that broas is a Lucban delicacy.

A can of Campita’s Broas landed in our home one fine, sweltering hot summer day. A pasalubong from someone (salamat po). We Pinoys love pasalubongs. The receiver feels important that someone is actually thinking of him/her and took time to pick up something as a gift. The giver feels pressured, uhm, happy to give something to someone. It’s weird that people feel important when others actually expect and ask for pasalubong when going out of town.

The Campita’s Broas we received is not your little can. It’s a huge can of broas (large enough that when eaten in one sitting, like downing popcorn while watching a movie, the overload of broas will probably kill anyone with complications from diabetes).

Come to think of it, the recipe for broas is pretty much straightforward. The ingredients include a couple of eggs, teaspoons of sugar and a cup of flour. Separately beat the egg whites and the egg yolks, adding sugar. Fold the egg yolk mixture and the eggwhite mixture, then gradually add the flour. Bake. Voila! Lady fingers.

Add peanuts to the mix and you have peanut broas, one of the things that Bohol is famous for.

But why bake broas when you can get a huge can of Lucban’s finest? Crunchy-on-the-first-bite-and-melts-on-the-next-bite broa goodness. Make someone feel important by, ahem, asking him/her to grab a can of Campita’s Broas the next time he/she happens to be in Lucban.

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