Camayan Beach Resort (Subic Bay)

The fine sand pressing against one’s feet; feels like a massage in a million points. There’s the sleepy sun that is slowly pushing gray clouds, revealing itself to early joggers along the shoreline. Fresh air. Secluded bliss. Take a good guess where this place could be found. No, this is not Boracay.

[See Map: Directions on how to get there]

This is Camayan Beach Resort early in the morning (left photo above and picture below; I’d like to think the smoke-like matter hugging the mountain range in the background of the photo below is fog,  not smog). It’s a great place to stay while in Subic.

Anyway, going to Subic is now easier, faster and more convenient with the completion of the SCTEX, the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. Branching separately a few meters from the entrance in NLEX-Clark, one going to Tarlac/Baguio (curve right) and the other (go straight) all the way up to Subic, the SCTEX is a smooth road that also provides a great view.

There are signs warning drivers of radars used to check speed, and I’ve figured out a month ago where this radar is contained. I always pass through a number of cars (and motorcycles) being flagged down at the exit points. It’s almost expected for people to be flagged down — the road is so smooth, wide and traffic-free that it’s almost a sin not to maximize its potential.

Speaking of enforcing traffic rules, other local government units, especially in Metro Manila, could follow the lead of Subic. In Subic, vehicles follow rules and respect “little things”, like a “stop” sign painted on the road — even with no police visible in the area. Stop means full stop; first to stop is first to go. Subic would make MMDA look like an amateur.

Anyway, going back to Camayan Beach Resort, I’ve been to Subic many times, yet I still have not experienced swimming in its beaches. For many of us, Subic is a export processing zone, a place where we could buy duty-free things and buy vehicles in auctions.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there’s a white beach just beside Ocean Adventure. Of course, the sand is not as white or as fine as in Boracay, but it’s more than enough to make my son happy.

I took a few minutes to sit alone in the restaurant and down a bottle of beer to help digest the steak we had for lunch at Meat Plus (a suggested steak house when you’re in Subic), watching the beach (which is right in front of the restaurant), and thinking short thoughts on the current financial crunch, the work left behind in Manila, and all the burdensome thoughts that made you go here in the first place. If Bush has his “shock and awe” doctrine, let’s have our “relax and recharge” doctrine.

Going to Camayan Beach Resort is not really difficult. Just follow the directions pointing you to Ocean Adventure and you should be fine. The winding roads slowly reveal the forest and the hidden destinations tucked amongst the majestic trees. If you feel lost, don’t hesitate to ask for directions.

There are monkeys along the road, that is, if you’re lucky. We must have been very lucky — we encountered monkeys in two points along the way. A 10-member group leisurely strolled down the pathway at Camayan when we woke up the next day.

Camayan is undergoing renovation, but still fully usable by guests. Ornamental plants appear to be newly-planted and construction works appear to be newly-retouched. A new wing is under construction.

There are many activities available, including diving, sightseeing tour of the islands, kayaking and biking. The beach in Camayan is open to day-tours (P275 per head), which means exclusivity to the beach is not guaranteed for those who checked in. The area around the rooms, however, are off limits to the guests.

Double occupancy is P4,950 on Fridays/Saturdays and P3,960 for Sunday-Thursday. That includes a free breakfast for two. Guests also enjoy a 20% discount to Ocean Adventure. It’s just a 5-minute walk. Contact details: Camayan Tel. No. (047)252-8000; Camayan Manila booking office – (02)706-3344. Ocean Adventure — (047)252-9000; Manila Office – (02)706-3344). Or see Camayan’s website.

There you go, the information you need on how to get there and how to contact for details. The next step is to actually go there. Just go.

21 thoughts on “Camayan Beach Resort (Subic Bay)”

  1. hi. were planning to stay there next week. just want to ask what’s the typical prices of food on their restaurant if in case youve tried it. And also prices at meatplus. is it near camayan? our family love steaks. hope to hear from you. thanks so much.

  2. Hi Meg. Yes, we’ve tried the restaurant a couple of times. The standard overnight package at Camayan already includes a breakfast buffet for two. Food in Camayan is very reasonable, for as low as 150-250 per serving.

    Meatplus is around 15 minutes from Camayan (and that’s because in Subic, you have to observe the speed limits). In Metro Manila, and given the very light traffic flow in Subic, that would take around 5 minutes. If you love steak, the prices of MeatPlus will surprise you. In a good way. For instance, New York steak is just 325 and tenderloin steak is just 240. That’s why it’s a popular restaurant. And that’s why you have to come early if you’re hungry — many people flock there. Perhaps we’ll post a separate article for this.

    Enjoy your vacation, meg. Please drop by here again and let us know how you find the place. See you around.

  3. been there alot of times at camayan, nice place, but the people and management is just always ready to give their hands when receinving payment and not really for service… i ask for a trolley for our baggage, the guard told me to ask the cashier, and so i asked, she told us first the charges, so i pay first, and again i requested for a trolley, then her reply was – “its for the hotel guest only” coz were only using the cottage and that’s the management ruling, and so i ask for the refund, again, its against the rule, so were left with no choice but to carry our bags ourselves, becoz i still have to put a higher tone for the guide to show us our cottage. certeinly, this management is not an “extra miler”. again, nice place, thank God. but no thanks to the management and the staff.

  4. CATASTROPHIC CAMAYAN. We frequent hotels and resorts as family bonding events and we went to camayan resort expecting good service and a great time. How disappointed we were! At the concierge area, a Ms.Mina Corilla and Sheryl Santiago were incompetent and did not address our needs, this despite the reservation i made for two rooms 3 wks prior to our visit. My father almost had a heart attack because of his irritation with the said staff. But the beach manager Nelson Del Rosario was the worst of them all, as he even said in a rude way that we could just refund the money and leave the hotel. Manager James Arbizo, however, was nice enough to apologize on their behalf. Sofitel, Dusit, Bellevue, Island Cove, Legenda, Mimosa, Golden Resort and others had very accomodating and friendly staff and great facilities. Expect a ruined vacation with Camayan resort. We highly recommend you skip this hotel.

  5. Calling on the management of Camayan Resort subic. The concierge staff was incompetent and rude to guests. The beach manager Nelson Del Rosario even got into an argument with guests, he was rude and threatening. Camayan resort is a beautiful place, unlike the staff who are definitely NOT beautiful people. Find other places to stay at Subic to save yourself the hassle.

  6. Grabe talaga dito sa Camayan Resort Subic! Sa dami ng hotel na napuntahan ko, dito lang ako nakakita ng hotel staff( Nelson Del Rosario) na bastos at nakikipag away sa guests.

  7. the place is not as nice as in the pictures! you’ll probably think to go somewhere else instead of staying here. the cabanas are not enough to accommodate all the guests… you’ll have to wait for the others to leave. we arrived at around 9am but unfortunately all the cabanas are taken. we had no choice but to stay beside the beach and have a round table. it was a very big mistake staying there and it has no private pool for people who do not want to go swimming in the beach.

  8. it was only beautiful in the ads… i agree that the concierge staffs are not polite and accommodating specially the women. i think they lack enough trainings for them to be nice to their guests! mga bastos sila!!!


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