Bulalo at Leslie’s Restaurant (Tagaytay)

The main attraction of Tagaytay is the view of Taal Volcano, which could be seen along the edge of the outer crater. I’m not sure if “outer crater” is the appropriate term, but I have to hazard a guess considering that Taal Volcano is known as the “volcano within a volcano” or, its related phrase, “the lake within a lake”.

The lake could be viewed from the viewing platforms of various establishments along the ridge. Some photos in the gallery (below) shows the view from Leslie’s and from Taal Vista Hotel. I usually bring my guests to the Taal Vista Hotel, Josephine’s Restaurant, Starbucks or, our favorite destination because of its gastronomical bonus — Leslie’s Restaurant.

It’s easy to get carried away with the view, but let’s get back to the gastronomical bonus: Bulalo.

Tagaytay is near the province of Batangas and Batangas is known in the Philippines for its beef. Bulalo is the marrow in the bone of the beef shank. So what to do you get? All-year round supply of bulalo at your favorite destinations in the area. Of course, bulalo is served in other restaurants, but Leslie’s is my default place.

How to go there? It’s hard to miss Leslie’s when you go up to Tagaytay. It comes before Bag of Beans and Sonya’s Garden if you’re coming from the Sta. Rosa, Laguna or the South Luzon Expressway. You’ll find this sign at the left side of the road, near the area of heavy concentration of restaurants.

Going back to the bulalo, just a fair warning: always be mindful of your heart. Bulalo is high in fat content so better ask your doctor if it’s ok to sip the delicious and suck the marrow out of life, er, bone. But just like any of our favorite foods, moderation is the key.

See the bulalo, with the kalamansi/hot pepper (sili) tandem that would make you forget about heart problems, from among these photos.

Bon appetit!

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  1. Avengoza Fusion Restaurant is the newest resto at Tha Lake Hotel Tagaytay. Try there steaks and you will surely love them. They also cater for special occasions with beautiful set-up.

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