Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant in Baguio City

After the long trip, after surviving the sea of humanity that gladly left the metro to reflect and relax, we’re all back to reality. The very rare, very long weekend vacation is done. For those who came from Baguio, which new food place did you discover during the trip? Chances are, only a few discovered the Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant.

So let’s start with something more important than the taste of the food in Good Taste Cafe — the location. We can’t tell if the cuisine taste great if we can’t get there, can we?

Looking for directions online, we learned Baguio Food blog that Best Taste is located along Rajah Matanda St., Baguio City.

For good measure, we checked with google maps and sure enough, it was there. But as they say, there’s a huge gap between theory and practice. Just because you saw the location on the map doesn’t mean it’s easy to find, especially in the case of Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant.

“This better be good.” We were all in agreement about this sentiment after getting lost in the narrow, steep streets of Baguio City for a good hour. Our misfortune was confounded by the construction of the main road going into the restaurant and the thousands of souls that flooded Baguio on Easter. We were told that the Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant is highly recommended. If not for this recommendation, we would have taken a detour to a well-known fast food chain to fill our empty stomach at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Allow us to share a few additional information that one should know when searching for the Good Taste. One, contrary to what others would say, it’s not enough to ask people on the road, the traffic enforcers and police officers included, where to find “Best Taste”. No one knew from among those we asked what on earth is “Good Taste”.

Two, people better recognize where Dangwa Terminal is — Good Taste is beside the terminal. Three, it’s also more helpful to ask where Baguio Center Mall — Good Taste is immediately behind the mall. When along Magsasay Avenue (from Session Road), at the juncture before turning left down towards the direction of La Trinidad (Benguet) and before going straight to Bonifacio Avenue, there’s a traffic light (see map). Turn right going inside (or under?) the Center Mall at the right side, go up (not left towards that misleading “parking” sign).

From the sound of that description you could conjecture that the Good Taste Restaurant is not the fine dining type. It’s not a spanking shiny place with well-heeled clientele, which is a good thing, really. Everyone gets to enjoy great-tasting food at an insanely low price. There were 8 of us hungry (lost and cranky) people and, food and drinks included, we paid only P1,200.

And the food tastes great, especially if we consider the price. The Battered Chicken could give BonChon or 4Fingers a run for its money. No, really, we’re not kidding. We were told that this is the best seller here.

The Beef Broccoli and the Pancit Canton taste better with the fresh vegetables that one would expect from Baguio, surrounded by vegetable-growing places like La Trinidad. The Fish Fillet with Tofu tastes great as well — soft, tender, flavorful and no “fishy taste”. The Lechon Kawali is cooked differently, not crunchy but soft (more along the consistency of grilled liempo). The crispy pata looked tempting, but we passed.

In all, it was a fun trip of discovery to Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant. Maybe the look and location of the restaurant is part of its charm, but don’t let appearances fool you into not trying this place. It’s name, after all, speaks of good taste, not about a good-looking place. And that’s what it delivers — best taste for value. Try it next time you go up to Baguio City.

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  1. My family would try to drop by for a sumptuous lunch on our next visit to the summer capital… Man Velasquez De Mendoza.

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