Best Local Government Websites 2007

Let’s start the year with something worthwhile. Among the many ways to encourage travel and tourism in the Philippines is providing information, principally on where to go, what to see and how to get there. Travel blogs, such as this, could only do so much. The entity best equipped to let the world know about travel gems, hidden and not so hidden, is the local government itself. And the better way, if not the best way, of doing that is through a website.

We’re in the process of listing down the provinces, cities and municipalities through the Philippine archipelago, with the appropriate link to the website of each local government unit (LGU). However, as you can see from the list (click here), some LGUs have no website and some existing websites leave much to be desired.

To encourage and recognize the LGUs that took time and spent some amount to create a great website, perhaps it’s only fitting that we list the best ones. We’re trying to think of how to do that ourselves, which is no easy task so let’s do that in the future. In the meantime, here are the winners of the best websites (provincial, city and municipality categories) in the 10th Philippine Web Awards.

Province: Bulacan
Website of Bulacan Province

City: Marikina
Website of Marikina City

Municipality: San Rafael, Bulacan
Website of San Rafael, Bulacan

Congratulations to the officials of these LGUs, as well as those who worked directly in creating/maintaining the websites. Now, let’s think of how to further recognize those LGU websites that put particular emphasis on travel and tourism. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Best Local Government Websites 2007”

  1. I think you forgot to include the website of Naga City.

    Our LGU’s website has been a consistent winner in the search for Best Local Government Websites annually.

  2. Russell, very well said. Great work on your website, I must say.

    Alec, you’re correct about the fact that Naga City is a consistent winner of the best websites. Thank you for bringing up this fact. Since the scope of this article is limited on the awards in 2007, perhaps we’ll feature Naga City’s website in a separate article. While we’re at it, perhaps you could help us get in touch with the person/s in charge of the side, so we could ask one or two questions concerning LGU websites vis-a-vis local tourism. Thanks.

  3. Strangely enough, many comments, in particular, from foreign expats living in the Philippines seem to think that the majority of the webswites there are poorly-managed or not being monitored at all. If this isn’t true, then why are these people so vehement about it? Perhaps, they have a point. However, their main complaint I reckon is the government website—the very important ones—that aren’t given priority in terms of monitoring them. But first, congratulations to the winner of the best website there, Naga City…better late than never.

    AS far as DOT tourism websites are concerned, maybe they should have a look at WOWPinoy website because there are recent reports that this particular site has been penetrated by scumbags who have been posting pornography or abusing this site by posting unnecessary photographs, comments, etc. Someone should check it out before it gets out of hand, otherwise, if tourism is the main reason why the website exists, then it’s only natural that someone should be vigilant.
    Tourism is alive and well there, I suppose, so, kapwa-pinoys, let’s see and enjoy those tourist places. I, for one, will be planning for it . I haven’t visited that bbirthplace of mine in twelve years.

  4. Nice post. Indeed, local government unit websites are becoming better and better. This goes to show how these LGUs recognize the power of the Internet in promoting local tourism, economy, and the like.

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