Frozen movie poster (Disney)

Being Frozen, Letting Go and One Talented Filipino

The recent calamities — that saw the world coming to the aid of the Philippines — highlight the resiliency of the Filipinos and our ability to take everything with a smile. The recent successive wins in international beauty pageants showcase the beauty of Filipinos. The wins in singing competitions drive home the fact that Filipinos are heavyweights (no pun intended) when it comes to music. So it’s really no surprise that the soundtrack in the the latest Disney magic, the movie Frozen, includes the song Let It Go, composed by Filipino-American composer Robert Lopez. Let It Go, in fact, is the most popular song in the soundtrack. Watch and enjoy this great music video:

Frozen is a story of family, siblings, love and the importance of being true to one’s self. The older sister, Elsa, succeeded to the throne with the death of the king and queen. Only a select few new that Elsa has powers. Elsa dearly loved her younger sister, Anna, who has no idea about Elsa’s powers. Well, we could go on telling the story — but either you’ve already watched the movie, in which case it’s like preaching to the choir, or you (unfortunately) haven’t watched it, in which case we’d be doing you a terrible disservice by revealing the story. In short, we recommend you watch it.

By the way, here’s the multi-lingual version of Let It Go. We’re a little disappointed that a song written by a Filipino-American does not have a Filipino line in this version. Then again, it still is good.

And how did Lopez get his Filipino blood? His grandfather is pure Filipino and his grandmother has Filipino blood. Lea Salonga, who was the singing voice of Fa Mulan (Disney’s Mulan) Princess Jasmine (Disney’s Aladdin), is no doubt smiling right now. Frozen’s Queen Elsa would be very proud if Lopez picks up a win in the Oscars (the song has been nominated as a Best Original Song). We Filipinos are equally proud. Ang galing ng Pinoy!

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