Balay Indang (Indang, Cavite)

The recent trend, I suppose, is to provide a place for people to relax and unwind, to leave the pressures of the city behind. This is evident in places such as Sonya’s Garden or Villa Escudero. In Indang, Cavite, you’ll find Balay Indang.

Balay is a Visayan term for “house”, so “Balay Indang” means “Indang house”. Balay could also mean “home”, following the distinction in the line “a house is not a home”. Many have found Balay Indang a comforting place, pretty much like a home. And for a number of reasons.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll enter the receiving area filled with Asian artifacts. A few steps into the interior and you’ll hit the dining area, which is just perfect for those who are already hungry from the long drive from Manila and through Tagaytay.

Packages usually include a meal and it is highly recommended that you try the food of Balay Indang.

How to get there? I only have a vague idea on the general direction, unfortunately. The time we went there, we were too busy keeping up with the lead car, of Neil and Nancy, that we had no more time keeping track of the directions. If I were to do it again, I’d get myself to Tagaytay City, then ask from there.

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