Baguio Pasalubong: Raisin Bread, Ham and Cheese of Le Chef at The Manor

A few pasalubong items are distinctly from Baguio City. There’s the Ube Jalaya (ube jam) of Good Shepherd, the Kulangot ng Intsik (hey, don’t look at me, that’s what those little brown, round things are called, akin to kalamay somewhere else), Choco Flakes of Mikasan, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries, and the Igorot sa Bariles (now, listen closely, don’t be a victim by pulling out that barrel).

[If we missed a pasalubong that is distinctly from Baguio, please tell us through the comment section below.]

Going back to the pasalubong, a bit sosyal is the Raisin Bread and Ham and Cheese of Le Chef, located at The Manor. Nestled amidst the pine trees and the golf course of Camp John Hay is The Manor.

It’s not difficult to order the Raisin Bread and the Ham & Cheese. The Manor is open to guests and you could simply walk to the bakery, adjacent to the dining area, and order these items in advance. It has to be ordered in advance, we were told. You could then drop by and pick up the goodies on your way home.

To be continued . . . please drop by later as we complete the article, or you could give use what you think about the Raisin Bread/Ham and Cheese so we could incorporate in the finished article. Thanks.

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