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Teenee and the Giyahero love to travel and explore. They are not connected with any of the establishments and products featured in VisitPinas. This is where they join fellow Filipinos in exploring the Philippines and invite non-Filipinos to visit the country. Read more.

Mall of Asia

I must confess that I’m no mall rat. I hate the congested parking area and the fact that they charge you for parking in order to buy something in their mall. I hate walking from one end to the other just to buy another item. I hate falling in line, a very long line, just to pay for a pair of socks. I always prefer a stand-alone establishment, where you can simply park in front, without parking fees, buy what you need, and go home in a flash. No sweat. Continue reading Mall of Asia

10 Little Things OFWs, Balikbayans and Pinoy Expats Could Do To Help

a) Spend your vacation, your dollars, in our Philippines

It is understandable for our OFWs, balikbayans and Pinoy expats to spend vacation in other countries. The world is truly beautiful and majestic. But please do spend some of your vacation, and some of your dollars, in our Philippines. Every dollar that you bring into our country will help build our Philippines. It will help our tourism industry. It will mean more sales and more jobs for our local industries. It will mean an increase in our country’s international dollar reserves. It will help stabilize the Peso. And ultimately, it will help stabilize our economy. Continue reading 10 Little Things OFWs, Balikbayans and Pinoy Expats Could Do To Help


My wife woke me up early one morning. She said there are dragonflies flying outside our window. She never noticed them before, she said. I was half-asleep, having downed a couple of beers the night before with my law school blockmates. Beer is supposed to be a no-no for someone who has no more gall bladder, but how can I not drink when I rarely see my blockmates since passing the bar exams years back? Continue reading Dragonflies

Chicken Inasal — Bacolod style

It’s really difficult to choose a title for this article. I could re-arrange the words Inasal, Chicken and Bacolod, and that would still be a name of a restaurant. There’s Bacolod Chicken Inasal, which has the only website (or, at least, a website I could search). Then there’s Inasal Chicken Bacolod and Chicken Bacolod Inasal, among others. I was about to use Bacolod Chicken Inasal, as this is my favorite, but decided not to use it because others may have their own preference. Southbound, for instance, stakes its claim that Bacolod Chicken House – Still the best inasal! Continue reading Chicken Inasal — Bacolod style

Where Eagles Meet: Eagle Point Resort (Anilao, Batangas)

A name is a powerful tool that evokes certain images. The image could be good or bad, but if you’re marketing something, you try to evoke something positive. Take an eagle, for instance. It’s a symbol of strength and power, used in the US emblem and designated as the Philippine national bird. It’s also a symbol of freedom, with an eagle’s powerful wings gliding through the open sky. Continue reading Where Eagles Meet: Eagle Point Resort (Anilao, Batangas)

Climbing Mt. Pulag, Benguet Province

I have sentiments about climbing a mountain for the second time. C’mon, this country is sprawled lengthwise on a section of the Pacific Ring of Fire and volcanoes are strung to its length like beads on a rosary. Why should I climb a mountain for the second time when there are numerous mountains sprawled everywhere that I haven’t been to or even know existed? Continue reading Climbing Mt. Pulag, Benguet Province