A Walk in the Clouds: Philippine Travel Stories

We love mountaineering photos, specially those with clouds at the summit (just to be clear, mountaineering photos, not mountaineering itself). We’ve featured a lot of these photos, yet there’s still a lot of these cloud-covered mountain summit photos that are VisitPinas-tagged. What to do? It feels like a sin not to feature these beautiful photos. Let’s have a new post just for these VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instagram.

The summit of Mt. Pulag in Benguet, photo from Mags Dizon (check her Instagram account, @magsdizon, for more photos). “Took me more than 2 years to convince myself that i’ll survive Mt. Pulag’s weather, and today I did by wearing 5 layered-top + scarf & 3 layered-bottom.” Looks comfy.

Again, the summit of Mt. Pulag, photo from Edwin Bernal Tayum (check his Instagram account, @etvlogs_wintv, for more photos). “There is no wi-fi in the mountains but I promise you’ll find a better connection.” No doubt.

Yet again, the summit of Mt. Pulag in Benguet, photo (below) from Henry Cotillon (check his Instagram account, @certifiedpalaboy, for more photos).

Getting mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the Mt. Pulag summit is probably a normal reaction. Joy and happiness, however, are probably not the only emotions mountaineers must have felt on reaching the summit. There’s triumph and a healthy dose of pride, as we can see here:

This sense of achievement is particularly true in cases when it is “not the trail we wanted and prepared for, but the view was more than what we hoped and prayed for. For that alone, i am eternally grateful.” That’s what Joseph Corrales (check his Instagram account, @epcorrales, for more photos) with his photo above.

The scene in the photo below is from Mt. Kupapey in Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province, photo courtesy of heeeymich (check her Instagram account, @heeeymich, for more photos).

Speaking of Maligcong in Bontoc, Mountain Province, there’s more than clouds and ridges in this place. There’s an awesome sight to behold, rice terraces, as we can see in this photo by Lanz Arce Gallardo (check his Instagram account, @lanziboi, for more photos):

From Luzon, let’s head on to the mountains of Visayas. “Heaven,” said Johannah Silva (check her Instagram account, @johannsilva_, for more photos) of Mt. Napulak in Igbaras, Iloilo.

Another favorite, Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet, here:

We love the caption of this photo by GALA-pong (check his Instagram account, @pongtograpi, for more photos): “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”

We share this belief, in travel or in life. There’s no such thing as “being lost” — either you discover a new path or discover that the path leads nowhere, so you adjust. We can’t control life. We can only control how we react to what life throws our way. That, in a nutshell, for us, is happiness.

We’ll update this post to add more VisitPinas-tagged photos on cloud-covered mountain walks, so tag us with your photo.

[Photos reproduced with permission (thanks). Tag your Philippine travel photos with #visitpinas so we can track it down. Photos will be featured in this blog’s photo of the day and in instagram/VisitPinas, facebook/VisitPinas, twitter/VisitPinas.]

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