A Step to Strengthen the VisitPinas Community

Note: We are disabling this feature due to technical difficulties. We shall bring it back online when more propitious circumstances favor the community.

We are taking another exciting step to make VisitPinas a Community site. With a sense of community, promoting travel to and in the Philippines is much easier and more meaningful. This is where we join fellow travelers, Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, in exploring the Philippines and sharing experiences.

This is the rationale for the recent creation of the Reviews Community.

The idea behind the Community is for members who have experienced an item or subject on review to share their experience to help others in making informed decisions. With that in mind, please be responsible, truthful and helpful in presenting your reviews. Your reviews may help other Community members in making their respective decisions, in the same way that the reviews and ratings of others may shape the decision you’re making on the particular subject matter of the entry.

For managers or owners of reviewed items, let us know if there is any helpful information that you want to add. We may or may not include the information, but you can always add the same through the review section. We recommend that you take time to follow the reviews so you could immediately reply or act, when needed. Please proceed to the Reviews Community to start reviewing and rating the featured subjects.

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